How to Use Interior Step Lights To Give Your Interior Some Wow Factor

If you have a staircase in your home and want to provide lighting for safety, to add a little drama to your home’s décor or to show off the architecture of your staircase then interior step lights will accomplish all of these goals.

What Are Interior Step Lights

Interior step lights are small recessed wall lights that are placed at low levels on the wall of your home above different steps of your staircase, or place in the front of the steps themselves. Step lights are used to provide both effect lighting and safety for darker stairways.

You need to have a number of these small lights for your stairway as experts recommend that you place these lights no further away than every other light. However, if you have a wide staircase and are placing these lights directly into the front of your steps then you may want to place two or more step lights into the front of the each step to light entire step below.

Interior step lights normally are either small wattage round or square lights that are recessed into the wall or the step. This requires a hole to be cut into the wall to fit the light fixture so that only the light cover shows on the outside.

While interior step lights can be used in homes, they are often used in hotels and two story restaurants as effect lighting to add to the businesses overall décor. These lights need to be hard wired into your 240 electric main requiring that installation of these lights be done by a qualified licensed electrician.

Mini LED Recessed Wall Lights Are the Most Popular Step Lights

Interior step lights are becoming more and more popular among both businesses and homeowners for a number of very good reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • LED Lighting is Long-Lasting- LED lighting is extremely long lasting with these lights (depending on the individual light) providing anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours or more of lighting before they need to be changed.
  • LED Stair Lighting is Safe- Traditional lighting gives off heat as a waste product which means if you are going up stairs with bare ankles and happen to accidently brush the light you can get burned. Since LED lights burn cooler then brushing the light should not cause any discomfort.
  • LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- LED lighting also costs less than more traditional lighting options because these interior step lights are more energy efficient saving between 50% and 80% of the energy used by traditional lights. This energy efficiency saves you money on your energy bill.
  • LED Lighting is Low Maintenance- Since LED lights do not use light bulbs then they require less maintenance, which means that you don’t have to kneel on the floor to change light bulbs every few weeks or months.
  • LED Lighting is Better for Environment- LED lighting is better for the environment not only because they are energy efficient reducing the demand on energy companies, but also because these lights are 100% recyclable

Halo Square 1 Watt Recessed Interior Step Lights

lsl003 1 watt square recessed interior step lights

LSL001 1 Watt Square Recessed LED Step Lights

lsl001 square 1 watt LED recessed step lights

LSL009A 1 Watt Recessed LED Interior Step Lights

LSL009A 1 watt recessed LED interior step lights

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