How to Use Indoor Wall Sconces For Great Effect

Interior wall lights, such as indoor wall sconces, can not only add greater illumination to your domestic, commercial or hospitality spaces; these lights can also add a decorative finishing touch that makes them really stand out. Indoor wall sconces are just as varied in appearance and style as any other type of modern light. This leaves you with plenty of options to choose from, and just as many opportunities to light up the area with style.

Below, we’ll look at a few different places that can benefit from the placement of wall sconces. We will also offer a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your new wall lights.

Where can you use indoor wall sconces?

There are many opportunities for using indoor wall lights to elevate the appearance of your home or business. Below are just a few examples:

  • AT HOME. When you have dark spots in certain rooms of the house, it can make your space feel cramped. Adding wall lights in hallways and entryways can make your home more welcoming and definitely safer.
  • IN A STAIRWELL. Long, dark stairwells aren’t places that anyone wants to be. By adding wall sconces along each landing and above the railings on the wall, you can make it easier to see. Not only this, but these lights can add some detail to an otherwise boring and dreary place.
  • HOTEL CORRIDORS. Above all, a hotel should be a place that is safe and comfortable for your guests. An easy way to ensure it is both is to install the necessary lighting. This is true even in the hallways. Having a ceiling light every so often in long hallways isn’t enough to make it feel well-lit and safe to navigate; modern LED wall lights can add illumination throughout while also adding a stylish finishing touch to its appearance.
  • OFFICE LOBBIES. When you want your clients and customers to feel welcome in your business, ensure it is well-lit. Lighting up the lobby with indoor wall sconces can make the space feel welcoming and a positive impression on your guests.

How To Choose the Best Interior Wall Lights

  • Choose a style and shape that suits the aesthetic of your current home.
  • To ensure you aren’t having to constantly replace your lights, opt for lights made from premium materials, such as steel or aluminium.
  • Neutral finishes like white, black and metallic hues are easy to incorporate into any existing style of decor without clashing with it.

Interior wall lights add an extra bit of flair to your business or home; not only do they offer a decorative touch, but they provide lighting in places where the main light source might not always reach. In this article, we discussed a few of the uses of indoor wall sconces and modern LED lights. We also offered a quick buying guide on choosing your new lights. When you shop our collection of indoor wall sconces, keep this article close by to help you make your decisions.

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