Indoor Step Lights – Make Your Stairways a Feature

If your home or business has a handsome staircase that is a major feature of your building, then indoor step lights can highlight this feature while at the same time provide safety for people travelling up and down stairs when the lighting is dim.

Indoor step lights also called stair lighting is a top of recessed lighting that is normally either place low on the wall over each stair step or set into the front of the step itself, lighting the step below.

Indoor step lights can really show off your staircase in your home, hotel, or two level restaurant especially when the lights are turned low or if your stairs are in a darker part of the home.LSL002 recessed LED stair light

Experts recommend when using stair lighting, that you place the lights no further apart than every other step, which means you will need a number of these lights to light your stairway properly.

Do keep in mind that since these lights are recessed into the wall holes will need to cut into the light for each light to be installed.

In order for indoor step lights to be provide the benefits they are designed to provide they need to be maintained in good working order, which is why many people choose LED lighting over more traditional lighting options. LED recessed wall lighting does not use light bulbs, therefore maintaining these lights are much simpler than maintaining the more traditional types of lighting.

However, LED lighting also provides other benefits that users love as well. These benefits include:

  • Long-lasting- LED lights are extremely long lasting with these lights lasting 20 times or more than incandescent lights and 8 to 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting. This means that you can depend on these lights to function for many years before they need changing, making them extremely dependable for lighting those stair steps.
  • Energy Efficient- LED step lighting using only about ½ the energy that more traditional lighting uses, allowing you to light your staircase for less. In addition, LED lights direct their lights in one direction (unless built to do otherwise) which means all the light is directed onto the stairs instead the light dispersing around the light bulb.
  • Better for the Environment- LED lighting is better for the environment than more traditional types of lighting. Not only do these lights use less energy reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, they also do not give off excess heat, which can add to global warming. In addition, LED lighting contains no toxic elements and they are 100% recyclable.

Indoor step lights do need to be hard wired directly into your 110/240 electric main and wiring should be done by a professional and qualified electrician both for your safety and the safety of your business.

While choosing stair step lighting to show off your staircase or provide safety can add drama and attractiveness to your indoor décor, the type of lighting your choose is entirely a personal choice.

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