Hexagonal Wall Lamp – Modern Interior Wall Lighting

Hexagonal wall lamp – Wall lamps offer plenty of creative opportunities for you to turn your space into one you’re proud of. If you have a modern home, you can further its aesthetic by choosing the right type of LED wall light, such as a hexagonal wall lamp. With a hexagonal wall lamp, you can bring out the minimalism, lines and angles that make your decor stand out as contemporary. All of this can be accomplished while adding further illumination to a space.

Why Buy Wall Lamps? 

Wall lamps are good for adding illumination to darker areas of the room or hall that overhead lights may not always reach. Not only this, but as stated, they add a special kind of decorative appeal.

How To Choose the Best Interior Wall Light

When shopping for a new LED wall light, there are a few points to consider. We have listed a few below:

  • If you are primarily adding wall lights to enhance the appearance of your space, style should be a priority. For those with modern homes they want to dress up, hexagonal and other geometric shapes are a safe bet. These designs are ultra-modern with their sharp lines and angles and add an artistic finishing touch to the space.
  • In order to ensure your new light is going to outlast the years, it’s important to choose one made to last. Two of the best materials you can choose are aluminium and steel. These two metals don’t easily wear down and keep looking their best; therefore, repairs are not usually not needed.
  • When it comes to your new wall light, you can either choose a finish that matches the existing colour scheme or contrasts against it. In some cases, a contrasting colour may create a more modern and artsy appearance.
  • IP RATING. If you’re wanting to preserve your new lights for as long as possible, you should consider the IP rating along with the material. It can’t hurt to choose an IP rated hexagonal wall lamp that is at the very least water resistant.
  • Because lighting a space is the primary goal of light fixtures, the type of light matters. It is wise to choose a warm white 3000k colour temperature for best results to keep the area a uniform brightness that is easy on the eyes. This will make them easy to install wherever they are needed without sticking out like a sore thumb  to cause a distraction.

There are many opportunities for you to use wall lights to your advantage when decorating, especially if the lights have a geometric shape that will complement other modern details in the space. They can also be quite contemporary and artistic all on their own. In this article, we have offered a short buying guide that may make it easier for you when shopping for your new lights. Keep this article close by and revisit these points when browsing our selection in order to make the best choice for your interior lighting project.

LWA387 5 Watt Black Hexagonal Wall Lamp

LWA387-BK 5 watt black finish interior LED wall light

LWA387 5 Watt White Hexagonal Wall Lamp

LWA387-WT 5 watt white interior LED wall light

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