Hallway Wall Lights – How to Light up Often Gloomy Areas

Hallway wall lights – If you are looking for hallway wall lights there are a number of different styles of wall light fittings you can choose from. Interior wall lights are designed for a wide variety of different uses besides the corridors of your home or business. Here is a look at some of the various ways that Interior wall lights can be used to their best effect.

How To Use Hallway Wall Lights

Longer hallways can be dark and gloomy even during the daylight hours. Luckily there are a variety of different wall light fittings that can look great with your home or business décor and provide your hallway with the lighting it needs to brighten the area. Hallway wall lights can be placed at either end of your hallway or for longer corridors can be placed at various places along the corridor itself. You can choose interior uplights, downlights or lights that shine both up and down.

Stairway Lights

Small interior lights that can be placed at low levels work well to provide both effect and safety lighting for your staircases. Stairway lighting can be placed on the walls next to the stairs or on the front of the stairs.

Bathroom Lighting

The same lights that you use for hallway wall lights can be used to provide bathroom lighting. There are some great wall light fixtures that can be placed on either side of a bathroom mirror to provide lighting for shaving, washing and putting on make-up.

Hallway Wall Lights as Highlight Lighting

Interior wall downlights can be placed above paintings or artwork in order to highlight the artwork on your living room or dining room wall. Small interior wall lights can work well to highlight small statutes in built in alcoves in your home as well.

Wall lights can also be used with your layered lighting plan to create the type of ambiance that you want for your home or business.

Why LED Hallway Wall Lights Are An Excellent Choice

LED hallway wall lights are an excellent choice for your wall or staircase lighting. LED lights are long-lasting giving you 20,000 hours of light and are also energy efficient using far less energy than more traditional lighting options. These lights are also environmentally friendly since there are no light bulbs to change, no toxic elements and the lights are 100% recyclable.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have been making high quality lighting for over 20 years and we can provide with high quality LED hallway wall lights that uses the latest LED technology. We have a variety of interior wall lights to meet every taste and every need.

We work hard to provide all of our customers with high quality lighting at a reasonable cost. So why not take a few minutes and browse through our website. We have an online representative standing by that can answer any questions you may have about our lighting or you can give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

When having any new lighting installed in your home or business make sure the installation is done by a qualified electrician.

LWA447 4 Watt Round Interior LED Wall Light

LWA447 4 watt LED round hallway wall lights

LWA241 6 Watt Black Indoor LED Wall Light

LWA241 6 watt black decorative hallway wall lights

Beam Triple 6 Watt Brushed Aluminium Wall Light

lwa105 6 watt brushed aluminium up and down hallway wall lights

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