7 Stunning Feature Wall Light Ideas

When your room is missing something unique in the design scheme, and you can’t quite figure out what, it’s time to consider a feature wall light. Feature wall lights can take your space to the next level by creating a focal point and adding extra illumination. Below, we’ll explore such statement wall lights as well as how to incorporate some into your space.


What is a Feature Wall Light?

A feature wall light is one of the many kinds of accent wall lights you can add to your space. Also known as mood lighting, accent lighting prioritises design and atmosphere over everything else, fitting in nicely to your layered lighting scheme.

Accent lighting such as feature wall sconces can easily draw attention toward specific elements in your space, such as artwork, unique architecture or even just a specific corner of the room you like best.


Ways to Light a Feature Wall  

An LED feature wall can completely transform the look of any given room. With a wall light feature, you can get creative and use them in any number of design styles. Below are a few ideas to get you started with an LED wall feature:


  • INCORPORATE A ROW OF WALL LIGHTS – By adding wall lights that are offset from one another, you can create a modern looking area that brings light across the length of a room as well.
  • ADD UPLIGHTERS – Low level lighting along a feature wall can help make rooms with low ceilings look taller. It can also bring some much needed personality to the space. This is especially true when you use uplighters that shine illumination up the wall.
  • LIGHT UP AN ALCOVE – Alcove wall lights can turn any little niche into a cozy den-like area. Using recessed lights on the ceiling, you can light it up as a reading nook or show off art in the area.
  • HANG SOME PENDANT LIGHTS – By installing pendant lights close to the wall, you can add a sense of depth to the area while creating added decoration.
  • LAY DOWN SOME STRIP LIGHTS – Interior wall lights like strip lighting allow you to get creative with their placement due to their versatility. Installing LED feature wall lights in a strip style along the ceiling or floor of the feature wall can really set it apart from the rest of the room.

Feature wall with modern LED feature wall lighting

Advice on How To Have Fun with Feature Wall Designs

Alongside your indoor wall lights and other interior lighting, there are many ways to create a feature wall to enhance a room. Try combining some of the ideas below with interior wall lighting to make your space pop to life:


  • HIGHLIGHTING THE BATH – If you have a standalone bathtub, you are already perfectly set up for creating a feature wall behind it. Commonly, feature walls in cream, blue and green are common. Set the mood for a relaxing bath at night by adding some bathroom wall lights for a pleasant effect.
  • ENHANCE THE FIREPLACE – A fireplace is another pre-installed aspect of a room that you can build a feature wall around. Use it as a starting point and add mirrors, photos, art or anything else you want to show off. The mantel area above the fireplace could also benefit from the addition of lounge wall lights.
  • BRIGHTEN UP THE BASEMENT – If you have a basement in your home, chances are there are few to no windows. You can make the basement seem livelier and brighter in these instances by making a bold, bright and colourful accent wall.
  • GO WITHOUT A HEADBOARD – Using paint, wallpaper or bedroom wall lights, you can create an accent wall behind the bed that takes the place of a traditional headboard.
  • GIVE SOME LOVE TO THE HALLWAY – The wall at the very end of a hall is often a location that goes untouched and neglected. It provides a great opportunity for a feature wall and can be spruced up by adding artwork or a contrasting colour of paint.
  • ADD SOME FUNCTIONALITY – If you don’t have a lot of room in your space, you can add storage and create a unique accent wall all in one go. Install some recessed, built-in shelves to instantly make the space more functional.
  • GET UNCONVENTIONAL – Large walls and areas behind beds are some of the most common feature walls, but options are not limited to the obvious. You can turn the blank wall space under the stairs into a feature wall with unique wallpaper or paint.
  • MURALS AND MAPS – You can transform the entirety of one of your walls into a sight to behold by adding wall art or an oversized map to take up most, if not all, of the wall space.

To take it to the next level, you can place lattices or panels over the mural to give it a “framed” look.


  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WINDOWS – If you have a big picture window or one with a unique shape, you can use it as the starting point for an accent wall. Paint either side of it in a contrasting colour, and consider adding eye-catching drapes.
  • REFLECT SOME STYLE – By adding a wall of mirrors in different sizes or styles, you can not only decorate a feature wall easily, but you can also bounce light around the room to make smaller areas seem more open and light.


Important Dos and Donts for Interior Feature Walls

Here, you’ll find some important tips on creating your feature wall.


– Dos: –


  • DO USE A FEATURE WALL TO ZONE AN AREA – This is especially beneficial when done in open floor plan living areas to define the various spaces more clearly.
  • DO ENSURE THAT THE WALL MATCHES THE REST OF THE SPACE – Just because the area is designed to stand out doesn’t mean it has to clash. Choose colours and designs that match the look of the space.
  • DO USE FURNITURE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE – Arrange the furniture so that it complements the feature light and draws maximum attention to it.
  • DO CONSIDER THE VARIOUS PURPOSES A FEATURE WALL CAN SERVE – This includes helping dark, cramped rooms seem larger with lighter colours or moving light around the room using mirrors.


 – Donts: –


  • DON’T JUST CHOOSE ANY OLD WALL AT RANDOM OR IT WILL LOOK JUST THAT: RANDOM – Choose a wall with an existing feature you want to highlight or one with an angled slope along a ceiling, for example.
  • DON’T USE THEM IN SMALL ROOMS – They won’t pack the same punch, and they won’t make the room look larger. Narrow rooms such as hallways or powder rooms are perfect for them, however.
  • DON’T NEGLECT WALLPAPER – While many believe that wallpaper is outdated, modern wallpapers can really add a touch of something special to your space. Choose one that suits the mood and overall design of the area, and use it to incorporate artistic appeal into the room.
  • DON’T ADD FEATURE WALLS TO BUSY ROOMS – If you already have a lot of art or other features going on in a room, adding a feature wall on top of them can just make the room look too chaotic.


Ideas for Feature Wall Lights


  1. Halo Square 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

lsl003 1 watt brushed silver LED stair case lights

The modern look of the Halo Square 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light adds contemporary charm to your feature wall. It features a crisp square shape with acrylic opal diffusers along the borders. The product emits 70 lumens of 3200k warm white light from the perimeter, offering a soft glow. This fixture features a smooth brushed aluminium finish that works well in any design scheme. It measures 48 millimeters by 48 millimeters, making it easy to incorporate more than one into a space.



  1. LWA228 4 Watt LED Round Interior Wall Light

LWA228A 4 watt round LED wall sconce lighting

Create a cosy mood with the LWA228 4 Watt LED Round Interior Wall Light. The wall light features a round body with a ring of light around the edge. A total of 400 lumens of 3200k warm white light wash back onto the wall around it for an artistic feel. Get the faceplate finished in your choice of black or white to suit the existing design style of your room. Each one measures a total size of 162 millimeters in diameter with a 55-millimeter projection.



  1. LWA377 5 Watt White Interior LED Wall Light

LWA377 5 watt white decorative wall sconce lamp

With the LWA377 5 Watt White Interior LED Wall Light, you can use the light itself as a feature on a wall. This one of a kind wall light fixture features a flat body that has been folded up toward the bottom, taking on the appearance of a sheet of paper. Bulbs situated in the fold generate a total of 430 lumens of 3000k warm white light. It is fashioned out of hard-wearing aluminium and finished in a crisp white hue that works well in any room. This light measures an eye catching size of 305 millimeters by 215 millimeters with a projection of 141 millimeters from the wall.



  1. LWA284 Chrome Dome Shaped 6 Watt LED Wall Light

LWA284 6 watt round polished chrome metal wall lights

Bring some retro modern charm into your space with the addition of the LWA284 Chrome Dome Shaped 6 Watt LED Wall Light. This bulbous light stands out with its dome shape and shiny, reflective dome top. A total of 600 lumens of light shine around the fixture, casting a gentle glow against the wall. It measures 140 millimeters in diameter and has a 135-millimeter projection from the wall.



  1. LWA456 3 Watt Decorative White Interior LED Wall Light

LWA456 3 watt decorative wall lights

Draw the eye of anyone in the room with the LWA456 3 Watt Decorative White Interior LED Wall Light. This artistic wall light has a teardrop shape and is white all over, save for the black dot in the centre. From this centre, 300 lumens of 3000k warm white light are shone. This high quality aluminium wall light measures 360 millimeters by 340 millimeters and has a slim projection from the wall of 60 millimeters.



  1. LWA466 6 Watt Black and Gold Interior LED Wall Light

LWA466 6 watt black feature wall light

Draw attention to architectural features, fireplaces and more using this LWA466 6 Watt Black and Gold Interior LED Wall Light. The light features a black cylindrical post that holds the golden toned bar rising vertically from it. The gold bar shines 600 lumens of 3000k warm white light back onto the wall behind it in a vertical strip. The fashionable black and gold colour scheme adds elegance to any room, and it measures 600 millimeters in height to grab attention.



  1. LWA243 Black 10 Watt LED Wall Light

LWA243 10 watt black decorative wall light

Versatile and minimalistic, the LWA243 Black 10 Watt LED Wall Light allows you to get creative with your feature wall. The light is made up of a simple black post that you can orient horizontally or vertically. It outputs 3000 warm white light with an ultra bright 1000 lumens, making it good for larger spaces. Thanks to the black finish, it can be incorporated into any design style without clashing. This light measures an impressive 900 millimeters in length.

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