How to Use Designer Wall Lights For Home and Hotel

Designer wall lights – Wall lighting plays a much bigger role in the overall appearance of a space than might seem obvious at first. You can fill a space with furnishings and decor, but if it is not properly lit, the mood of the space might be “off.” Wall lights are just as versatile as any other kind of light in a home, business or hotel; they are varied in type and appearance and can work well with any style of space.

The many different types of wall lights available give businesses and homeowners the chance to really personalise the appearance of their space.

Types of Interior Wall Lights

  • WALL WASHING. Wall washing lights are among the most decorative types of interior wall lighting. These lights are characterised by the way they “wash” the wall up and down with their illumination. They create a decorative effect all while providing plenty of light to the space.
  • Rectangular and square lights are among the most common types of LED wall lights in modern homes. Often, rectangular and square designer wall lights are used to enhance the already minimalistic space in the home or business. Their angles provide a cleaner, more contemporary appearance than other shapes of lights.
  • Geometric lights are good for modern spaces that are especially bold and artistic. They stand out among the others because of their bold shape that stands out as much as the rest of the decor in the home.
  • Bar LED wall lights are especially good for spaces that have an industrial modern appeal. These lights are simpler in shape and design, meaning they fit in well with any minimalistic modern space.

How To Choose the Best Designer Wall Lights

  • Before anything else, choose the shape of wall lights you want to work with. You can choose based on your preference for modern or transitional lighting. Shapes include aforementioned ones like bars, geometric, square and even circular.
  • Choosing a material that is going to outlast the years is important, just like it is with any kind of light. Most commonly, durable wall lights are manufactured using premium aluminium. This metal is a good option because it resists wear and tear over time and doesn’t rust easily.
  • The illumination itself is equally as important as the light fitting. Choose a light that is gentle on the eyes but still illuminating. One of the most common light temperatures is 3000k warm white. This colour temperature works well with most other light types and will create a uniform look in your space.

Interior wall lighting plays an important role in the overall look of your space. This is true in domestic, commercial and hospitality settings. In this article, we’ve outlined various types of indoor wall lighting. We’ve also presented a short buying guide to help you decide which light is best for you. Keep the items in mind as you browse our extensive collection of designer wall lights.

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