How to Create a Design Feature With Contemporary Interior Wall Lights

If you are looking for contemporary interior wall lights for your home or business then you are in luck because there is a huge selection of indoor wall lights for you choose to choose from. There is a wide array of wall light fixtures that is perfect for all different types of décor.

Different Types of Contemporary Interior Wall Lights That are Available Today.

Shaded Wall Lamps

Modern shaded wall lamps often come in cool colors though white, black and silver shaded wall lamps seem to be the most popular. These lamps work great as bedside lamps or to provide lighting in breakfast nooks and other small areas or cushions.

Wall Washer Lights

Wall washing indoor wall lights come in a variety of different sizes and can add to the attractiveness of your home by providing light that can wash up your wall, down your wall or in both directions. Wall washer contemporary interior wall lights can be used to show off art work on your wall, so simply to make a small room look larger and brighter.

Wall Sconce

Modern wall sconces are a type of indoor wall lights look like sticks with lights shinning at the top or the top and bottom of the stick. These lights are especially attractive in the dining room, breakfast nook, or even your home entertainment room. They also look great providing light for landings of stairways and even longer hallways.

Stairway Lighting

Stairway lighting are low level low wattage lights that are placed in the wall just above steps of your stairway to providing lighting to show off the stairways architecture or provide lighting for your safety.

Many contemporary interior wall lights use LED lighting and more and more customers are using this type of lighting for their modern indoor wall lights due to the many benefits this type of lighting providing. Here are some of the benefits of LED lighting.

  • Energy Efficient- Contemporary interior wall lights are energy efficient providing you with lighting for a fraction of the cost of more traditional lighting. This can save you money on your energy bill.
  • Long-Lasting- Led wall lights are extremely long lasting with these lights lasting 20,000, 50,000 or more hours before they need to be changed.
  • Low Maintenance- LED wall lighting requires little maintenance other than dusting since these light have no light bulbs that need to be changed.
  • LED lighting is Environmentally friendly- LED lighting is environmentally friendly. These lights not only are energy efficient which reduces the demand on energy companies. They also do not give off excess heat light traditional lighting so they don’t add to global warming, In addition, these lights are 100% recyclable.

Do keep in mind that LED indoor wall lights need to be hard wired to your 240 electric main. For your safety and the safety of your building a licensed electrician should do the wiring of any contemporary interior wall lights in your home including LED lighting.

LWA377 5 Watt White Modern Indoor Wall Light

LWA377 5 watt white contemporary interior wall lights

LWA243 10 Watt Black Contemporary LED Wall Light

LWA243 10 watt black contemporary interior wall lights

LWA457 5 Watt Decorative Interior LED Wall Light

LWA457 5 watt LED contemporary interior wall lights

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