How to Use Chrome Wall Lights In The Home

If you are looking for some modern interior wall lighting, then you may want to take a look at the different styles of chrome wall lights for you home or business. Chrome wall lights come in a number of styles, sizes and even are designed for various uses.

Chrome wall lights also come in a variety of different lighting options including incandescent. Florescent, and LED wall lights. Here is a look at the different styles and purposes that chrome LED wall lights can serve.

What are Linear LED Wall Lights

Linear LED wall lights can be used as bathroom mirror lighting, or lighting over a painting or other artistic display. These lights are normally down lights. However, you can also use linear uplights to wash the upper part of your wall and show off your trim or nice ceiling. There are also linear wall wash lights that wash both up and down the wall giving your room a larger and brighter look.

LED lamp wall lights look great in hallways, bedrooms, and even on stair landings in order to provide lighting for those darker corners of your home. LED wall light fittings have both a chrome body and chrome shade giving these lights an ultra modern feel and your home a bit of shine and glitter.

What are LED Stair Lights

LED wall lights for stairs are small usually 1 watt lights that are placed on the wall next to the stair treads to provide safety for people going up and down darker staircases. In addition, stairway lighting can also be used to show off the architecture of your staircase. LED chrome wall lights for staircases may also be placed in the front of each step to light up the step below. Stair lighting is usually recessed lighting.

The Benefits of LED Chrome Wall Lights

Like other lights interior LED wall lights need to be hardwired directly into your 110/240 electric main by a professional licensed electrician. However, LED wall lights do offer some unique benefits. These benefits include:

  • LED lights are extremely long lasting- Made from the latest LED technology LED lighting is extremely long lasting with most of these lights lasting anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 or more depending the individual light and the manufacture. This means that these lights will last for years before they need to be changed.
  • Energy Efficient- LED interior wall lighting is extremely energy efficient using only a small fraction of the energy required by more traditional lighting options. Not only will this save you money on your energy bill, but these lights will also reduce the demand for energy on local energy companies, which is good for you and the environment.
  • Maintenance Free- If you are one of the hundreds or thousands of people who get tired of changing light bulbs in your home, and then you will be thrilled to know that LED chrome wall lights do not use light bulbs. With no light bulbs to change these lights are practically maintenance free.

LWA284 6 Watt Polished Chrome Wall Light

LWA284 6 watt chrome wall lights

LWA447 4 Watt Round Chrome Wall Light

LWA447 4 watt round chrome wall lights

LWA297 6 Watt Modern Interior LED Wall Light

LWA297 6 watt chrome wall lights


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