5 Stunning Ideas For Stylish Interior Wall Lighting

Interior wall lights are one of the easiest ways to decorate your space and enhance its practicality. Using interior wall lights can not only provide greater levels of illumination but also elevate style and appearance. There are many reasons why using LED wall lights in your home is something you should not overlook. First, let’s take a look at five unique wall lights to illuminate your home.


  1. LWA387 5 Watt Hexagonal Interior LED Wall Light

LWA387 5 watt interior wall light fittings

Modern interior lighting tends to rely heavily on contemporary fixtures and shapes, including geometric shapes. The LWA387 5 Watt Hexagonal Interior LED Wall Light is shaped into a hexagon that brings out the clean lines and angles modern decor and lighting is known for. The hexagonal shape makes the fixtures themselves decorative well before you even turn them on. Because it comes in both a crisp white and stark black colour option, you can easily match it to the decor in any room of the house.

Once they are switched on, the bulbs shine 430 lumens of LED light downwards in a wall-washing effect that adds further visual appeal. The light shines at a 30 degree beam angle, washing more of the wall at once in its warm illumination. The 3000k warm white LED light is well suited for interior spaces as it is gentle on the eyes while still being bright enough to see. Measuring 120 millimeters in height by 104 millimeters in width by 110 millimeters deep, it can be worked into any area of the home without taking up too much space.


  1. LWA427 3 Watt Wall Washer Interior Wall Light

LWA427 3 watt LED uplighter inside wall lights

By using wall lights to illuminate areas in the home that often go overlooked, you can create a brighter, more inviting space. The LWA427 3 Watt Wall Washer Interior Wall Light is especially suited for lighting long corridors and corners. Lining up these lights down the wall of a hallway not only add more illumination by which to see, they also add more of an artistic appeal. These lights can even be used to illuminate art pieces or other decor just by placing them beneath the items.

These wall lights shine their illumination up and against the wall, fanning out at an angle to wash the wall with a span of illumination. From the premium Osram LED bulb shines 300 lumens of warm white light. The combination of 3000k colour temperature and lumen output makes this an ideal light for domestic settings; it retains a warm appearance while providing plenty of light to see by. This durable aluminium light has a IP20 rating to protect it from dust in places that are difficult to reach to clean.


  1. LWA228 4 Watt LED Round Interior Wall Light

LWA228A 4 watt round LED wall sconce lighting

Part of the appeal for many homeowners when it comes to modern decor is its simplicity and minimalism. Lights that are straightforward and innovative make perfect additions to contemporary spaces. The LWA228 4 Watt LED Round Interior Wall Light is a good example of this. The wall light outputs illumination using a halo effect.

In so doing, light shines from behind the fixture to light up its borders as well as a circle on the wall behind it. A total of 400 lumens of 3200k warm white light shines from the high quality CREE LED bulb. Such a gentle and warm light is well suited for use in homes, offices and businesses alike thanks to its warmth and easiness on the eyes.

The disc shape of the light paired with the halo of illumination its generates makes for a chic, modern addition to any home. From hallways to living rooms to staircases and beyond, they add a contemporary and artistic finishing touch. The light comes in your choice of white or black finishes to make it easy to incorporate into any space, regardless of existing decor. Because of the 55-millimeter projection from the wall, it is low profile and sleek.


  1. Leon 20 Watt 600mm Wide Brushed Silver LED Wall Light

LWA151 20 watt brushed aluminium wall mounted lamps

Lovers of industrial modern styles are sure to love bar lights as well. Long, wide lights that shine light over a large swath of space and have a no-frills exterior are growing increasingly popular in modern interior design. The Leon 20 Watt 600mm Wide Brushed Silver LED Wall Light is a fine example of this design choice.

The Leon 20 Watt 600mm Wide Brushed Silver LED Wall Light features a 600-millimeter-long bar-style exterior fashioned out of premium acrylic given a brushed finish. Its metallic look paired with clean lines and a simplistic design make it the perfect accompaniment to any modern home. From within, a total of 1600 lumens of light shines from the SMD LEDs, washing the walls above and below it in 3000k warm white light.

The decorative effect of the illumination furthers the visual appeal of the fixture itself. It can be placed in studies and bedrooms above desks, over sofas and seating areas. Workspaces, bookshelves and similarly practical areas can benefit from a bar light shining overhead as well. This surface mounted light only projects 80 millimeters from the wall, so it won’t look bulky at all.


  1. Beam Triple 6 Watt Brushed Aluminium LED Wall Light

lwa105 6 watt brushed aluminium up and down interior LED wall light

Using a light fixture as a decorative or focal point in your modern home can help improve upon its overall look and feel. The Beam Triple 6 Watt Brushed Aluminium LED Wall Light features a sleek brushed aluminium housing that plays host to three CREE LED bulbs which shine light from both of its sides. The illumination washes the walls above and below the fixture, creating an eye-catching and decorative effect while increasing illumination in the room at the same time.

A total of 400 lumens of 3000k warm white LED light shines from the fixture, providing bright yet warm illumination for the room. Its work well when placed above desks, lining the walls of hallways, around entryways and above desks as supplemental lighting. Thanks to the brushed aluminium finish, it works well in most modern spaces and won’t clash with the existing colour scheme.

Measuring only 95 millimeters wide with a 50 millimeter projection from the wall, this wall light has a sleek, non-obstructive design. It is quite low profile and therefore fits into modern spaces beautifully. The lights is also low maintenance with its dust-resistant IP20 rating and the long 20,000 hour lifespan of the LED bulbs.


Where You Can Use Interior Wall Sconces and How To Position Them


You can place LED wall lighting just about anywhere in the home. Many people like to place them in hallways and entryways to make navigating the home easier and to light up those often-dark spaces.

Narrower rooms such as these and any others that see a lot of foot traffic look best by including low-profile fixtures that don’t jut out too far from the wall. It is important to measure the depth of wall sconces before deciding on their placement for this reason.

In the kitchen, you can add wall lights to complement the ceiling lights. It is best to leave around 60 inches from the base of the fixture to the floor and consider any existing furniture when including these lights.

In the bathroom, wall lights around the sink and vanity area make for excellent task lighting and are also best implemented when installing them around 60 to 65 inches above the floor. This sort of placement eliminates shadows.

In the bedroom, you can feature wall lights to set mood lighting or even just provide the right amount of light to read before bed. To determine where to install wall lights for reading, you should lie on the bed and put a mark on the wall five inches above your shoulders. It should be easy to reach up and turn the light on and off from that position. In entryways, placement will depend on architectural features such as doorways and vaulted ceilings as well as the length of the hallway.

The height off the floor is important to consider when you are adding wall lights anywhere in the home, as you don’t want to walk right into them or have them glaring in your eyes. Mounting light fixtures approximately six feet from the floor is a good general rule to make sure they are high enough to shine general light without being uncomfortable. Of course, the height of your family members is something to take into consideration here and make adjustments accordingly.

The spacing of LED interior wall lights also plays a huge part in their appearance. One fixture spaced every six feet will usually do the trick, though again, you may want to make adjustments depending on the size of your home and the lumen output of the bulbs.

If you have an open floor plan, you may need more fixtures to fill the space than rooms that are clearly divided. Sometimes, you can stagger the lights, so they don’t line up perfectly, as this can improve the balance and layering of the light.


Why Use LED Indoor Wall Lighting?


LED lights are becoming increasingly popular as the years go by, and there are many reasons for that. Benefits of LED lights include:

  • LONGER LIFE. As opposed to traditional halogen or fluorescent bulbs, LED lights have a lifespan rated for a minimum of 20,000 hours, so you won’t have to replace them for several years. Part of this is due to their energy efficiency.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. While halogen bulbs turn 70 percent of their energy into heat, LED bulbs turn 90 percent of energy into light. With their minimum heat output, LEDs are safe to touch in a way that hot halogen bulbs are not.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. A combination of energy efficiency paired with long lifespans makes LED lights better for the environment. You will be contributing less carbon to the atmosphere while also limiting the lightbulbs you add to landfills. LEDs do not contain mercury, so if they break, they aren’t leaking toxins into the ground.
  • VIRTUALLY ENDLESS COLOUR CHOICES. LED lights come in a vast spectrum of lighting colours that traditional bulbs do not. While halogen bulbs emit a warm light consistently, LED bulbs give you the chance to choose the warmth of the lights. Ranging from warm light to cool light, you can determine which colour temperature is best for your specific space.

What Types of Interior Wall Lighting Can You Buy?


There are many different types of interior wall lamp fixtures you can choose from based on the effect you are going for, from artistic modern wall lamp fixtures to wall uplights to interior wall wash lights, the opportunities are endless. Some examples of modern indoor wall lights you can choose include:

  • Picture lights placed above artwork or photos
  • Low level step lighting that offers a cool lighting effect in stairways
  • Wall lighting and reading lighting beside beds
  • Effect lighting to create a unique feature wall
  • Hallway lighting to make the area safer and more practically lit
  • Wall mounted adjustable lamps in craft rooms and other work spaces as task lighting
  • Wall lighting layered with ceiling lighting to create a more comprehensive appearance
  • Uplights that offer as much decoration as they do illumination
  • Vanity and bath lights that provide glare-free, shadow-free illumination

Can You Dim LED Indoor Wall Lights?


LED bulbs and light fittings with integrated LED bulbs can be either dimmable or undimmable. Most of the time, the manufacturer will provide information with each product whether or not it is dimmable. If an LED light is not designed to be dimmed, you shouldn’t try to dim it, as this can damage the light at the least. In some cases, dimmable bulbs can be specially ordered if you need controllable light in your space. Also, be sure to purchase LED-specific dimmers for best results if you will controlling dimmable lights from a wall switch.

You may be able to determine if an LED light is dimmable by the fact that it uses low voltage, which can usually be used with a dimmer to control brightness. There are two kinds of low voltage dimmers, including magnetic systems and electronic systems.


Why Dim LED Wall Lights?


Dimming LED lights gives you greater control over their brightness, which will enable you to control the atmosphere in a space. You can adjust your lighting depending on the time of day and how much light you want to suit your mood at any given time.


What Colour of Light Is Best To Use For Interior LED Wall Lighting?


LED light is largely varied in the many colour temperature options you have to choose from. Colour temperature is determined in units Kelvin, which measure the brightness of a light. Kelvin ratings range between 1800k light, which is similar to candlelight, and 12000k, which mimics the natural light from a clear blue sky.

The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the light, and the higher the number, the cooler the light. Each colour temperature has recommended uses, with cooler lights usually being better suited for commercial purposes and warm white light being better suited for domestic applications.

Usually, it is best to use 3000k warm white light in domestic settings. This is because this colour temperature is gentle on the eyes but still bright enough for you to be able to complete tasks.

LED interior lighting can easily shake things up in your home, both in terms of style and practicality. There are many different types available for you to choose from and just as many options for placement around the home. Keep the guide above close at hand when selecting and installing lights to achieve the best results.

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