What Are The Interior Lighting Trends For 2022

Every year the trends seem to shift, and it can feel difficult to keep up with all of them. This article aims to explore some of the most popular lighting trends today in various rooms of the house. Read on to learn about some modern lighting trends of 2022, from ceiling lighting to wall lighting.


Ideas For Trendy Kitchen Lighting

Below you’ll find some of the trendiest lighting ideas for kitchens.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial modern decor is coming back to the forefront of lighting trends in 2022. This type of lighting is great for those who like to add a bolder touch to their living spaces without having to revamp the entire room.

Industrial lighting works well with just about any colour palette, thanks to the neutral appearance of the metallic colours that these lights often come in. You could use them to create high-contrast palettes using cream or white against the iron colour of industrial lights. It is versatile in that you could also be using pastel or bright colours with it.

LED Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is becoming more and more popular, expanding far outside of a cute way to decorate a teen’s room. LED strip lights are a more grown-up version of that, and they are cropping up in places such as lighting beneath counters in kitchens or along the kickboards at the base of the cabinets. While it is quite practical, it is also very decorative and can give a kitchen plenty of flair and personality.

Pendant Lights

Though LED pendant lighting has never quite gone out of style, it is more popular than ever in 2022. Whether you use a few sparingly over bar areas in the kitchen or use only pendant lights, there are many ways to incorporate them into your space. They come in various materials and styles, so there is no shortage on finding creative ways to work them into kitchens of any kind.

Natural, Sustainable Materials

For many, making the switch to LED lighting just isn’t enough. In 2022, the low-energy lighting that LED lights provide is just one of the ways that homeowners are incorporating sustainable lighting into their kitchens. Fixtures that are made out of bamboo, rattan, glass, seagrass, fabric, wood or even paper are sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are cropping up more and more in kitchens across the globe.

Modern kitchen with LED lighting

Focal Points Over Islands

Focal points are always a good way to give a space personality, but making your island the focal point with pendant lights and similar LED downlights is popular right now. This trend makes a bigger statement in your kitchen by using larger pendants that take up a good deal of space hanging above your island while still giving you plenty of room to work. With oversized pendants especially, an island focal point may become your favourite area in the entire room.

Hanging Globe Pendants

Whether you place them over the island or anywhere else in the room, globe pendant lights and similar designer lights instantly add modern flair. You can choose styles made from a variety of materials, from stainless steel to hand-blown glass to metal and beyond to find the material that best suits your space.

There are a few popular themes you could consider incorporating into your kitchen for trendier lighting this year, including:


  • Sculptural
  • Earthy
  • Rustic
  • Glass
  • Glamour
  • Recessed lighting
  • Mid-century modern


Sculptural Lighting

Those who love the idea of lighting that is both practical and functional are sure to love the idea of sculptural lighting. Hanging a sculptural light on the ceiling will not only add artistic flair to the room but is also sure to be a conversation starter among guests.

Earthy Lighting

For a more natural look in 2022, opt for trendy materials like seagrass and rattan. By switching from a light shade to a woven basket, you can bring a bohemian and even coastal feel into the kitchen. They come in various styles, shapes and finish stains, so there is sure to be one that suits your taste and your kitchen.

Rustic Charm

Farmhouse decor remains a chic and trendy way to decorate in 2022. You could build on this theme by choosing lighting fixtures that put focus on farmhouse elements. This includes:


  • Faux candlesticks
  • Wooden frames
  • Forged iron
  • Wooden frames


Glass Fixtures

Glass fixtures are a classy and simple way to fill out any modern kitchen. They can give off everything from modern to coastal vibes depending on what you are going for. Alongside traditional clear glass, you can also opt for colourful blown glass.

Glamorous Lighting

Lighting that you may have believed was only reserved for extravagant dining rooms can be a good choice for your kitchen. Use chandeliers covered in crystals and baubles dangling from brass arms to ramp up the style of your kitchen.

Mid-Century Modern

This style isn’t solely restricted to furniture. Many iconic light fixtures made up the mid-century styles of yesteryear that you can incorporate into your kitchen. This includes metal, bright lights, stout glass pieces and more.


What Are The Bedroom Lighting Trends

Below are some of the bedroom lighting trends that have taken 2022 by storm.

Black Retro Lighting

Retro lighting in black can change up any neutral bedroom and give it more charm. This is especially true in bedrooms that have a neutral colour scheme as this can get quite monotonous. Using black lighting can break some of that up and add a pleasant edgy look to an old-fashioned room.

Modern Lights in Traditional Rooms

Installing contemporary lighting in an otherwise traditional bedroom can create a beautiful contrast that can also become a focal point in your space. This is especially true of lights that have a sculptural shape.

Sculptural Botanical Pendant Lights

Choosing eclectic lighting like this in bedrooms can make the room feel unique and one of a kind. Designer LED lights on the ceiling that you can lie back and look up at can bring ample personality to your space.

Asymmetrical, Informal Lighting

Asymmetry in the bedroom offers an interesting lighting display that will add one-of-a-kind flair to your space. You can do this through small pendant lights or by adding a wall light on one side of the bed but not the other. Of course, low-level lighting that is also dimmable is always preferred in bedrooms.

Bold, Eye-Catching Pendants

In 2022, statement lighting is as popular as it ever was. A bold pendant light will draw the eye to it and create a focal point in the bedroom. It will also offer an artistic flair in the bedroom, bringing out its personality and making it even more of a place you want to be.

For instance, a geometric pendant lamp that is suspended from the centre of the ceiling can become a beautiful centrepiece in the space from which you can design around.

Low-Hanging Pendant Lights by the Bed

Instead of having bedside table lamps, you can hang a pendant lamp so it rests low near the bed and the night stand to serve the same purpose. Not only can this give you fresh bedroom lighting that is still practical, but it may also help elongate the height of the ceiling. This could make a smaller bedroom appear more spacious.

Natural Materials

Much like in the kitchen, natural materials are trendy in the bedroom, too. Choosing natural materials such as rock crystals, wood, leaves or other such earthen materials can add a cosy and inviting touch to the bedroom.

Swivel Arm Bedside Lights

Because bedrooms are an area where people want to feel cosy and relaxed, convenience is important. Having a bedside lamp attached to the wall with a swivel arm certainly provides that convenience and practicality. It may also give your bedroom a new lease on life with its old-fashioned appearance.

Modern bedroom with LED bedside lighting

Lighting Trends for Spaces in the Home


Hidden Lights

Tucking lights away behind furniture and other features of the room is a stylish thing to do in 2022. This lighting can be tucked away behind some item to produce a soft glow from behind it, lighting up the area subtly while also adding a stylish flair to the space. It can also create a calming atmosphere at night when you don’t want to have a bright light on but still want to be able to see well.

Plenty of Layers

Layering lighting is important in any room and has been for some time now. The importance of it is moving to the forefront of things in 2022 with more and more people realizing the benefits of bringing the lights from ceiling to floor. Layer lighting in various rooms of the home with ambient lights, task lights and any accent lights you want to use to fill the space.

Low-Level Lighting for the Living Room

While layered lighting is always a good choice, having low-level lighting specifically in the living room creates a trendy appearance and a nice glow. Using floor and table lamps as the primary light source can create a comfortable, cosy and warm atmosphere to spend your time in.

Marble and Metallic Floor Lamps

Speaking of floor lamps, lamps that use a blend of marble and metal are very popular these days. These lights combine two elegant materials to create a sophisticated appearance that is perfect for any modem home. Marble is a long-lasting and sophisticated material that, when you include it with metal, brings a smart look and feel to the house.

Art Deco Styles

In 2022, art deco is more popular than ever. You can draw upon the shapes and styles from the art deco area to include in your lighting fixtures to spruce it up and give the area a new lease on life. It can also add a nostalgic feel that may make your home feel more welcoming and inviting.

Linear Lighting

Where asymmetrical lighting has its place in modern light plans, so, too, does linear lighting. Simple silhouettes and long lines go a long way in replacement of the more complicated designs of the past. These types of lights work particularly well on either side of the bed to make the bedroom ceilings look higher, as well as over rectangular tables and islands in the kitchen.

Smart Lighting

Beyond simple appearances, smart lighting and lighting that is gentle on the environment are equally as popular.

Low-Energy Lighting

Choosing energy-saving LED lights is a movement that is becoming increasingly popular in 2022, much like smart lighting. Low-energy lighting is not only good for the environment but for your bank account as well, so it’s easy to see why this is the case.

Oversized Lights in Open Floor Plans

Choosing fixtures that are large and eye catching is a trendy change from the way that, in the past, homeowners would opt for lighting that blends in well with a space.

While you can still use smaller lights to spread illumination throughout an open plan living area, an oversized statement light above tables and similar areas can make the space feel less empty. Having such a standout feature will also make the space look more visually interesting by breaking up all of the emptiness that a lack of walls can bring.

Brass and Black Finishes

Both brass and black finishes are common and popular on their own, but 2022 has seen the rise of the trend of both of them combined. Working matte black lights into a room and accenting them with brassy fixtures can create a one-of-a-kind, luxurious look that is especially beautiful in Scandinavian or Empire-style rooms. They make a beautiful alternative to the traditional gold and silver colour combinations, making your trendy space really stand out.

Minimalism and Simplicity

Going for the “less is more” mindset in 2022 will yield spectacularly trendy results. You can use basic colours that do not stand out too much while choosing lights with simple lines and angles instead of complicated, busy fixtures.

Built-In Lighting

Installing lights into a wall, floor or ceiling instead of applying them on the surface is a way to instantly modernise your space. Bold and brilliant inclusions of light this way in a way that goes beyond typical recess lighting features can not only be decorative and innovative but also practical.


Interesting Interior Lights To Consider


  1. LWA438 12 Watt LED Interior Wall Uplighter Fitting

LWA438 12 watt interior LED wall light - Wall wash interior uplight wall light

The LWA438 12 Watt LED Interior Wall Uplighter Fitting is a beautifully modern wall light that is as artistic as it is practical. It features a flat base that shines the light upward and onto the wall. This wall washing effect not only provides a gentle glow but ample illumination as well. It comes in black and white colour finishes, so you can easily incorporate it into any space in the home regardless of colour scheme.


  1. LPL335 20 Watt LED Pendant Light – Up And Down Lighter

LPL335 20 watt up and down modern pendant lighting

The LPL335 20 Watt LED Pendant Light – Up And Down Lighters allows you to make a statement in any room it is placed. The colour options, ranging from bold and whimsical to neutral and easy, are perfect for placement over islands and breakfast bars. It also looks nice in bedrooms that have a quirky colour scheme as low-hanging bedside table lights.


  1. LBL254 20 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL254 20 watt hexagonal surface mounted LED downlight - Modern ceiling downlighter

Lovers of modern recessed lighting who do not have the right ceilings for the job are sure to fall for the LBL254 20 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight. The downlight features four hexagonal lights attached in a way that creates a honeycomb effect. It is the perfect substitute for recessed downlights in that it provides similar illumination from the ceiling.

– Final Thoughts –

Though trends come and go, capitalising on them when they arrive can give you a beautiful home that you are proud to invite guests to. Above, we have explored various lighting trends for the kitchen, bedroom and beyond. Revisit this article as you consider your new light fixtures, and make sure you stay on trend for your new designs.


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