Great Ideas For Lighting Your Bedroom

Bedroom lighting can completely transform your bedroom if done right. Along with making a bedroom more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, you can use LED lights for bedrooms of any design to also improve the mood. Below, we will explore some bedroom lighting trends as well as how to incorporate them into your room.


Why is Bedroom Lighting Important?

Task, accent and ambient bedroom lighting all play a role in the look and feel of your room. They can all go a long way to create the perfect bedroom for you.


Some benefits to proper bedroom lighting include:


  • IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY – Good lighting plays a massive part in the regulation of circadian rhythms. Having natural light during the day and dimmer light at night can tell the body it’s time to go to sleep. If you have overly bright or otherwise inappropriate light levels, this could potentially disrupt sleep patterns.


  • ENHANCES MOOD – You can use bedroom lighting to create a relaxing, calming environment. Warm, soft lights may help lessen feelings of anxiety and stress, helping you to unwind and get ready for sleep.


  • BETTER LIGHTING FOR TASKS – If you work on a laptop or read in the bedroom, good task lighting is crucial. This consists of anything from bedside reading lamps to bedroom light fittings around desks and vanity areas.


  • GREATER LEVELS OF SAFETY – In order to avoid tripping in the bedroom, such as on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, soft bedroom lighting can get you where you need to go safely.


What Are The Latest Bedroom Design Trends?

Modern bedroom lighting provides you with plenty of unique ways to customise your bedroom. Trends change over the years and that is certainly true with bedroom lighting as well.

This year, bedroom design trends are all over the map. There are many ways people are customising their bedrooms to reflect their personalities and tastes, all while staying stylish:


  • Coastal bedrooms are especially popular this year. This aesthetic primarily includes light-coloured wood and white linens.


  • Maximalist designs are also trendy. A reverse of minimalism, maximalism puts emphasis on business. It prioritises colours, bold patterns and visually intriguing decor.


  • Natural colour schemes are also in this year. Earthy colours such as browns, greens, beiges and dark blues promote a relaxing environment that is stylish as well.


  • Bohemian bedrooms are increasing in popularity, usually with many colours and coordinating patterns.


  • Vibrant bedrooms that use vivid colours can add whimsy and personality to your home and reflect a playful personality.

Modern bedroom with wall lights and hanging pendant light

Ideas on Different Ceiling Lighting for a Bedroom

Get inspired to use trendy bedroom lighting with these types of bedroom downlights.


  • MAKE A STATEMENT – By choosing hanging lights for bedrooms that are oversized and dramatic, you can create a stunning focal point in your bedroom. Choose brightly colored lights that draw attention for an added layer of style.


  • RECESSED LIGHTING – If you love the look of modern lighting, you can incorporate it into your bedroom in the form of recessed lighting. Recessed lighting constitutes cans of light that sit in the ceiling instead of on them. This type of fixture illuminates the area beneath it in a discreet way.


  • PENDANT LIGHTS – Pendant lights are fixtures that include a cord or chain or some other method of hanging the shade. You can hang them anywhere in the bedroom, either alone or in stylish clusters.


  • TRACK LIGHTS – If you have artwork or some other feature in the bedroom you want to highlight, track spotlights can draw attention to them with ease.


  • GLAM IT UP WITH A CHANDELIER – Another eye-catching ambient light, adding a chandelier can create a sense of luxury and opulence in your bedroom.


Ideas for Modern Bedside Lighting

A well-placed bedside lamp can make relaxing in bed even more comfortable. There are a few ways you can obtain perfect bedside lighting, including:


  • BEDROOM READING LIGHTS – Reading lights come in different forms from wall mounted to headboard mounted and from fixed to flexible. Installing bedside lights can make it easier to wind down at night and more comfortable for those who share a bed with a partner.


  • BEDSIDE WALL LIGHTS – Whether you use them for reading or as a source of indirect light, you can place bedroom wall lights beside the bed or above it to cast a nice indirect glow.


  • TABLE LAMPS – If you prefer the traditional placement of a light on a bedside table, you can choose a small modern lamp and place it within reach.


How Smart Lighting Can Improve The Bedroom

Smart lighting is becoming a staple in rooms of all kinds from homes to businesses and everything in between. When you include it in your bedroom lighting scheme, you can make the space even more comfortable and convenient.


  • BEDROOM LIGHTING AUTOMATION – By setting the lights to get dimmer or turn out completely when the sun starts going down, you can help balance your circadian rhythm with no effort on your part. Automation can also turn lights on at designated times in the morning to help you wake from sleep.


  • PERSONALISATION – Some smart lights offer a full spectrum of colour choices in the bulbs. You can change the colour to suit your mood at any time.


  • DIMMABLE – Smart lights can often be dimmed, so you can adjust the level of light in your space according to your needs as the natural light levels shift during the day.


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – A bonus of LED smart lights is that they use significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. This can save you money on your electricity bill while also extending the overall life of your bedroom light fixtures.


How To Layer Lighting in a Bedroom

Layered lighting is the best way to create a well-balanced lighting system in your room and consists of three types of light:

  • Ambient light, which provides overall illumination in the room
  • Task lights, which help you focus on specific activities like reading, getting dressed or working
  • Accent lights, which help set the mood in the bedroom and accent certain elements of the room


When it comes to ambient lighting, bedroom ceiling lights tend to be the main fixtures. Ceiling mounted lights like flush-mount lights, chandeliers or recessed lights are often used here. Some people also like to have large floor lamps to brighten up any dark corners.

For task lighting, you can use wall lamps for bedroom to light up desks and reading areas. Desk lamps or bedside reading lights also work well in these cases.

As for accent lighting, you can use bedroom lamps on the wall, track lighting focused on certain design elements or LED strip lights to highlight areas of interest. Such lighting can also be used to create a mood or decorate the space.


Tips on How To Light a Dressing Table in the Bedroom

Your dressing table is an important part of the bedroom. Proper lighting helps ensure you have a clear look at yourself while putting on makeup or putting on clothes. Follow these tips to get the most out of your vanity lights.


  • SELECT THE RIGHT BULB – Opt for a light that is bright enough to easily light up the dressing table without being too harsh.


  • PROPERLY POSITION THE LIGHTS – Position the bulbs in a way that evenly distributes light around the dressing table. Many people recommend that you place lights on either side of the mirror so as not to cast any unattractive shadows.


  • UTILISE DIFFUSERS – Many lights come with diffusers in the front that soften the light and make them warmer. This will provide a more flattering reflection as you get ready for the day.


  • BACKLIT MIRRORS AND STRIP LIGHTS – With strip lights, you can line mirrors of any shape or size and ensure even illumination.


Tips on How To Use Wall Lighting in the Bedroom

Wall lights are incredibly versatile, so there are many ways you can fit them into your bedroom.


  • BEDSIDE LIGHTS – Using a wall light directly beside the bed, it can function as a reading light.


  • SAVE SPACE – In smaller bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space for table or floor lamps, you can install wall lamps.


  • CHOOSE FIXTURES THAT MATCH THE AESTHETIC OF THE ROOM – You can make your lights into more than just practical additions by choosing stylish lights that suit the design style of the bedroom.


  • PLACE WALL LAMPS ABOVE THE BED – Not only can they serve as reading lights, but wall lights above the bed can also provide you with a larger, generally brighter wash of light to relax in bed.


  • UP AND DOWNLIGHTS – If you want to create depth in the bedroom, choose wall washer lights that shine their illumination above and below the fixture on the wall.


  • HIGHLIGHT CHARACTER – If you have a unique accent wall or interesting architectural element in your room, you can use wall lights to draw attention to them.


Bedroom Lighting Ideas 


  1. LWA322 3 Watt Recessed LED Reading Wall Light

LWA322-BK recessed wall mounted LED reading light for bed headboard

Add a modern touch to your bedside area with the LWA322 3 Watt Recessed LED Reading Wall Light. This reading light recesses into the wall above or beside your bed. The switch is built into the base of the fixture, so it turns on and off by moving the light head into and out of the base. The product outputs 120 lumens of 3000k warm white light and measures 180 millimeters long by 105 millimeters wide by 75 millimeters high. It comes in black, polished chrome or brushed copper.


  1. Elegante Round Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light

LWA219 recessed bedside light for reading

Add task lighting beside the bed in a minimalist manner with the Elegante Round Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light. This wall light recesses into the wall and features a small circular head. The head tilts out of the fixture and turns on automatically to easily provide light when you need it. It outputs 206 lumens of 3000k warm white light from the head, which can be tilted or twisted. The fixture measures an overall diameter of 110 millimeters and requires an 80-millimeter hole cut-out. It comes in black, silver or white finishes.


  1. LWA418 3 Watt LED Wall Mounted Reading Light With USB and Wireless Charging

LWA418 3 watt wall mounted bedside lights with USB port

Make the most out of your bedside reading light with the LWA418 3 Watt LED Wall Mounted Reading Light With USB and Wireless Charging. From the head, you receive 120 lumens of light, while the halo backlight provides 400 lumens. Not only does this light generate two sources of 3000k warm white light, but it also features a USB charging port. There is a shelf you can place your phone on to charge it overnight for your convenience. The fixture comes in either black or white and measures 340 millimeters high by 140 millimeters wide.


  1. LWA423 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Reading Light with USB Ports

LWA423 3 watt flexible arm wall reading light

Enjoy the freedom of movement that comes with flexible lighting with the LWA423 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Reading Light with USB Ports. This adjustable lamp features a long 555-millimeter arm that can be twisted and tilted to the desired position. It also comes with a USB charging port on either side for charging small electronics. The on and off switch is easy to access on the front of the plate. The backplate itself measures 115 millimeters tall by 40 millimeters wide and comes in your choice of black or white.


  1. LPL399 5 Watt Globe Design LED Pendant Light

LPL399 hanging globe bedSIDE LED pendant light

Perfect for task lighting and ambient lighting alike, the LPL399 5 Watt Globe Design LED Pendant Light is a stylish addition to any bedroom. The light features a globe shape fashioned out of premium aluminium with an opal acrylic diffuser to soften the light. The fixture outputs 43 lumens of light with a CRI rating of greater than 90, making it perfect for tasks. The head of the light measures 100 millimeters in diameter by 198 millimeters high and attaches to an adjustable 2000-millimeter drop cable.


  1. LPL400 4 Watt Modern Hanging LED Pendant Light

LPL400-BK 4 watt modern LED pendant light fititng

Make a statement in your work area in the bedroom with the LPL400 4 Watt Modern Hanging LED Pendant Light. This eye-catching pendant light features a triangular base that houses the bulb. It shines 3000k warm white light both through the acrylic diffuser at the end and up onto the disc at the top. Choose from either black or gold to fit the existing design of your space. The lamp measures 230 millimeters in diameter by 238 millimeters high and rests on an adjustable drop cable measuring 2000 millimeters.


  1. LWA222 6 Watt Round Modern Interior LED Wall Light

LWA222 6 watt round decorative interior LED wall light

Bring contemporary flair to your bedroom with the LWA222 6 Watt Round Modern Interior LED Wall Light. This one of a kind light features a horizontal ring with a diffuser lining the inside. It shines 600 lumens of 3000k warm white light through the diffuser, washing the wall around it with a soft glow. This durable aluminium fixture measures 139 millimeters in diameter with an 177-millimeter projection from the wall. It comes in either black or white.


  1. CSL022 5 Watt Round Recessed LED Downlight Fitting

CSL022 5 watt round recessed LED spotlights

Incorporate contemporary elegance into your bedroom with the CSL022 5 Watt Round Recessed LED Downlight Fitting. This fixture recesses into the wall and shines illumination at a 26-degree beam angle. This makes it ideal for task lighting near work desks especially. The light shines 430 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making it gentle on the eyes but still quite visible. It measures a total size of 83 millimeters in diameter by 118 millimeters in height and comes in rose gold, black, white, or white with a chrome internal reflector.

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