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Restaurant lighting suppliers not only furnish restaurant lighting for restaurants and pubs, but also hotels and other businesses. Restaurant lighting is important both the preparation of food and for the providing ambient lighting to enhance your customer’s dining experience.

Restaurant lighting suppliers carry various types of lighting to meet a variety of different lighting needs. Some of the different types of lighting that are popular for restaurants include:

CSL024-RG 5 Watt square LED downlight

  • Surface Mounted Downlights- Surface mounted downlights make great restaurant and hotel lighting since these lights provide direct downlighting or can be adjusted to shine directly on the area on you need when preparing food or providing brighter lighting for a large area. Surface mounted downlights work well for restaurant lighting as well as lighting for hotels and pubs and other businesses. Low wattage surface mounted downlights can also be used in dining areas.
  • Pendant Lighting- Restaurant lighting suppliers also sell pendant lighting for use as restaurant and hotel lighting. Linear lighting installed over stationary work areas can provide ample light for preparing food. Smaller pendant lights can be placed over tables and booths to provide lighting for a more individual dining experience for customers who frequent your business.
  • Wall Lighting- Restaurant lighting suppliers also carry wall lighting to meet various restaurant needs. Wall lighting can be used over booths or small recessed wall lights can be placed at low levels to light up stairways leading up to a dining area or to a second floor restaurant or pub itself.

There are various other types of lighting that restaurant lighting suppliers carry as well such as:

recessed ceiling lights or track lighting.

When looking for the best restaurant lights you may want consider LED lighting options. LED lights can offer the following benefits including:

  • LED lighting is highly energy efficient saving money on energy bills and wasting less energy than more traditional lighting options.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting. With so many other tasks that need to be done to keep a restaurant or hotel running smoothly changing light bulbs is not something that you want to spend time doing. Since LED lighting lasts 20 times longer than more traditional lighting options these lights can save you a lot of time and effort.LPL302-GN LED green pendant light
  • LED requires very little maintenance. Since you never have to change a single light bulb LED lighting requires very little maintenance beyond the occasional dusting.
  • LED lighting is better for the environment. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious knowing that LED lighting is better for the environment than many other types of lighting is a good thing and impresses many of your customers or guests.

Here at Ultra Beam lighting LTD we have been known as restaurant lighting suppliers for years. Our LED lights are well made and we offer a variety of different types of styles of lighting to meet your businesses needs.

Why not take a few minutes and browse our website and see the various types of lighting we have available. Should you have any questions or need any assistance just give us a call at 0800-678-5156 and we will be happy to assist you.

Please remember that all lighting should be installed by a qualified electrician.

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