Modern Hotel Room Lighting

Modern hotel managers know that in order for their business to be successful they need to cater to the needs to their guests. One of the most important needs of guest is to adequate hotel room lighting in which to perform various tasks such as shaving, putting on make up and reading. When choosing bedroom wall lights for hotel rooms there are several different types of lighting you need to consider.LWA151 Interior LED wall light

General Wall Lighting

General wall lighting is necessary to provide guests with immediate lighting the moment they step inside these rooms. These lights can take the form of wall sconces or shaded wall lamps. With so many different wall lights to choose from there is sure to be one that will match your hotel’s décor whatever that décor may be.

Task Lighting

Guest bedrooms also need to have some type of task lighting such as vanity lighting over on beside of the bedroom mirror so that guest can shave, put on make up or attend to other grooming necessities. Vanity lighting comes in a wide variety of sizes so you can choose the right size vanity light to match the size of the hotel mirrors in the guest rooms.

LED Reading Lights

Having handy wall mounted LED reading lights are the perfect type of lighting for modern hotel rooms. These reading lights come in a wide variety of different styles. There are goose neck wall mounted reading lamps, reading lamps with adjustable heads and even recessed reading lights that automatically turn on when move the head out and automatically turn itself off when you push the light back into the recessed cavity.

Benefits of LED Hotel Room Lighting

There are a number of benefits of using LED lighting for your hotel room lighting. Here is a look at some of those benefits.Elegante square Black recessed LED reading light

  • Energy Efficient- LED lighting uses far less energy than more traditional lighting options. In fact LED lights only use between 20% and 50% of the energy that other types of lighting need. This can mean that by the time you light a number of guest rooms in your hotel you will see big savings on your hotel bill. The less money you spend on energy the more profit your hotel will see.
  • Long Lasting- LED lighting is also long lasting with these lights providing 20,000, 50,000 or more of light without ever having to be changed. These lights don’t use light bulbs either which not only saves that ongoing expense, but also reduces the need for maintenance, which will also save you more money in the long run.
  • Affordable LED hotel room lights are also affordable. LED lighting only costs a few dollars more than traditional lighting options and more than make up for their initial cost in the money you save on your energy bill.

When choosing LED lighting for your hotel you do need to remember that these lights do need to be hard wired into your 110/240 electric main so make sure you hire a licensed professional electrician to do the wiring for you.

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