Lobby Pendant Lighting – Decadent Hotel Lighting

Lobby pendant lighting is not only a great way to provide adequate lighting to your hotel lobby. But also a wonderful way to add to your hotel’s decor.

There is a wide variety of different hotel lighting options that hotel’s use in order to provide lighting for the various areas of their hotel. There are wall lights, recessed ceiling lights, bedside lighting, and pendant lights. Lobby pendant lighting is a great way to dress up your hotel lobby and give it a chic and sophisticated appearance without breaking your decorating budget.

What Options Are There for Lobby Pendant Lighting

Interior lighting in pendant form comes in a variety of different styles and you can purchase lobby pendant lighting in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours and wattages. When choosing the right lobby pendant lighting for your hotel there are several things you need to consider including:

  • The size of your hotel lobby- When choosing pendant style interior lighting you want to make sure that the pendant light you choose is not so large that it looks as though it is covering the entire ceiling of your home. You also don’t want to choose too small of a light since it will looked dwarfed by your lobby’s ceiling.
  • The Style of your hotel- Your hotel lighting should match the overall style or decor of your hotel. You don’t want to place old fashioned pendant lighting in a ultra modern hotel and neither do you want to place ultra modern lighting in a historic hotel.
  • Amount of maintenance the lighting will need- Some types of lighting requires more maintenance than other types of hotel lighting. Most hotels prefer to choose lighting that requires as little maintenance as possible.

Why Use LED Lobby Pendant Lighting

When looking for hotel lobby pendant lighting the best lighting you can buy is LED lighting. LED lighting has several benefits that you will like including:

  • LED lobby pendant lighting is extremely energy efficient- LED lighting saves you money in a number of different ways. First, it takes less energy to light these lights as opposed to incandescent lights and less of the energy used for these lights is wasted. Second, because LED lights burn brighter than other traditional lights you need fewer lights to light the same area.
  • LED lighting is long lasting- LED lights lasts for around 20,000 hours without ever having to be changed so you don’t have to worry about your lights going out at an inopportune moment.
  • LED interior lighting requires little maintenance- Since LED lighting is so long lasting they require very little maintenance saving you money in labor as well as saving on your energy cost.

Ultra Beam Lighting Offers Great Lobby Pendant Lighting

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have a nice variety of pendant lighting for you to choose from for your hotel. Known for our high quality LED lighting we are have been providing lighting for homes, hotels and other businesses for over 2 decades.

Why not take a few minutes to browse our website and see our high quality pendant lights or give us a call at 0800- 678-5156.

Always have your lights installed by a qualified electrician.

LPL364 5 Watt Modern Pendant Light

LPL364 5 watt modern LED Lobby Pendant lighting

LPL350 4 Watt Beech Wood LED Pendant Light

LPL350 4 watt beech wood Lobby pendant lighting

LPL372 17 Watt Linear LED Pendant Light

LPL372 17 watt Linear Lobby Pendant light

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