What is Lobby Lighting And What Are The Best Types

Lobby lighting – When your guests arrive at your property after a long day spent travelling the road, they want to step into an inviting and welcoming environment. One of the first things–if not the very first thing–they will see will be your hotel lobby. Lobby lighting plays a huge part in how they initially perceive your hotel, and it could set the stage for their overall opinion of their stay.

Because of the importance of hotel reception lighting, you must make a good impression and create a well-lit lobby. There are many different hotel entrance lighting types for you to choose from to make the right impression.

What Are the Different Types of Hotel Lobby Lighting?

  • HORIZONTAL BAR-STYLE LIGHTING. Horizontal lights tend to shine more light over a wider stretch of space. They also instantly add modern industrial charm, making them exceptionally well-suited for lobby lighting in super modern hotels.
  • VERTICAL BAR-STYLE LIGHTING. Vertical bar lighting gives any space an ultra-modern look. They are every bit as decorative as they are practical and can add something special to your hotel lobby and entrance. They can be hung one right after the other to create an artistic appearance.
  • DOME SHADE PENDANT LIGHTING. Dome-shaped pendant lighting provides a more familiar look. These are typically well-suited for locations that have a transitional appearance, though they work just as well in modern spaces.

How Do You Choose the Best Hotel Pendant Lighting for Your Lobby Lighting?

  • Your hotel has its own personality, and the style of light you choose should reflect that. Look for a light that suits the look of the hotel lobby. Ultra-modern spaces could benefit from bar lights, and transitional spaces may look better with dome lamp shade-style pendant ceiling lights.
  • With the finish, you can go one of two ways: choose a finish that matches the existing decor, or choose one that contrasts it well. Choosing a vibrant finish in a colour such as red and green will give it a modern, playful look. Choosing a finish of black, white or silver will make it contemporary as well, but also sleek and refined.
  • Just like with any other type of lighting, you want hotel reception lighting that is going to last the years. To get the most for your money, make sure the materials are strong. Preferably, you will want lights that are manufactured out of aluminium, which is resistant to damage and wear and will serve your needs for years to come.

Lighting your hotel lobby is important if you want to make a good impression on your guests as soon as they enter. Regardless of the exact style of your hotel, there are lights available for your space. Here, we offer a variety of hotel lobby lighting for you to choose from, including bar lights, dome lights and other pendant lights. Shop for yours today.


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