Why Lobby Lighting Is Important For a First Impression

Lobby lighting – When lighting your hotel property, emphasis should be put on the actual illumination as much as it should be put on the style and type of lighting. When your guests enter the lobby, you will be presented with the chance to make a good first impression, and one of the ways to do this is with proper illumination. When it comes to choosing the best hotel lighting, there are many options to work through and many aspects of the light to consider.

Types of Common Lobby Light Fittings

  • COMMERCIAL LED LIGHTING. This type of lighting is often recessed right into the ceiling, instantly giving your lobby a brighter, crisper, more modern look. Fixtures can be placed in rows to cover the entire expanse of the ceiling to insure proper, thorough and well-balanced lighting throughout the whole space with no shadowy spaces.
  • SURFACE MOUNTED LED DOWNLIGHTS. For those properties where recessed lighting is not an option, you can get a similar overhead effect from surface mounted lights. These types of lights also allow for greater customisation over the overall decor and style of the room, as you can choose options that are as decorative as they are practical.
  • INDOOR WALL LIGHTS. The illumination doesn’t only have to be from the ceiling. Lobby lighting also comes in the form of wall lights, which can not only serve as a decoration in the lobby but also lead your guests down the hallways toward the guest rooms. Wall lights are quite versatile and diverse in the available options and are usually either square-shaped or rounded. Some of the more modern options will have geometric shapes that will give the lobby an artistic look.
  • LED TOILET SIGNS. From the lobby, you can direct your guests toward the proper toilets using LED toilet signs. Lit signs are more contemporary than standard signs and therefore add more style and personality to the space while also serving two practical, important purposes.

How to Choose the Best Lobby Lighting

There are a few things to consider when choosing your lobby lighting, including:

  • Most commonly, lobby lighting comes in neutral colours, so it’s easier to work it into decor and colour schemes of any kind. This usually includes white, black or chrome, and you can choose one to fit in with the existing look or lights that will instead contrast beautifully.
  • From simple, classic round shapes to ultra-modern geometric designs, you can opt for a light that best suits the aesthetic of the space.
  • Consider the size of the space you want to light and how much room you’ll have to incorporate them.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right lobby lighting in your hotel can make an excellent first impression upon your guests. Above, we’ve given you a few points to consider when shopping for your new hotel lighting. No matter the type of light you’re after, you are sure to find it in our sprawling collection. Browse our products today to find the lighting that best suits the aesthetic of your hotel lobby.

LDC962 24 Watt Modular LED Downlight

LDC962 24 watt modular LED downlight lobby lighting


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LWA377 white modern interior LED wall light

Male 4 Watt Illuminted LED Toilet Sign

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