Why Every Hotel Should Have Hotel Style Bedside Reading Lights

Hotel style bedside reading lights – Your hotel is a place of respite and rest for your guests. After traveling for a long time to get to your destination, all they want to do is relax. Having proper lighting at the entryway to welcome them is important but so is the lighting throughout the rest of the building. Many just consider the dining room and hallway lighting or pendant lighting in the suites. There are other ways you can use hotel lighting to make the guest experience more memorable.

What Is Considered Good Guest Room Lighting?

Hotel-style bedside reading lights can make your guests feel more comfortable in their hotel rooms. Hotel bedroom lighting doesn’t have to begin with pendant lights and bedside lamps; by incorporating reading lights, you are taking into account the time spent in bed. These are particularly good for rooms that have more than one bed; with hotel-style bedside reading lights, the light can be aimed in one particular area instead of across the whole room. This can help two or more people comfortably sleep at different times.

Types of Reading Lights

Hotel reading lights can be installed on the headboard or the wall. No matter where you want to place the lights, there are two different types to consider:

  • Fixed reading lights tend to take on a spotlight style. They can usually be tilted a bit one way or the other, but they are not as diverse in placement as flexible lights.
  • A Flexible light is attached to a bendable arm. With flexible lighting, you can get even more specific about what the beam of light is aiming at. This way, guests can point it directly at a book to read or just in the general area to relax in low light.

How To Choose the Best Hotel Style Bedside Reading Lights

  • Choose first whether you want a fixed or flexible bedside light. The size of the beds in your suite may determine which guest room lighting option is the best choice.
  • Choosing premium material such as aluminium will ensure that the light will last for as long as possible. Aluminium is known for its resiliency, as well as its ability to resist wear and tear over time. This will generally improve the overall look of the hotel style bedside reading lights in your bedroom suite.
  • Of course, the light that the product emits is as important as the style of the fitting. It is a good idea to choose lights that have a 3000k warm light colour temperature. This is a temperature that is common in many lights, so the bedroom light will blend right in.
  • WALL OR HEADBOARD MOUNTED. Some lights may only be able to be installed on a wall, so pay attention and make sure the light you choose can be installed in the way you prefer.

In this article, we’ve looked at various hotel reading light styles as well as providing a buying guide for you to use while browsing our site.

LWA322 3 Watt Black Hotel Style Bedside Reading Lights

LWA322-BK LED reading light

LWA298A Polished Chrome Hotel Style Bedside Reading Lights

LWA298A Polished chrome led reading light

LWA474 5 Watt LED Hotel Style Bedside Reading Lights

LWA474 5 watt hotel style bedside reading lights

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