Hotel Room Lamps – Wow Your Guests With Stunning Lighting

Hotel room lamps – There are many different styles of hotel lighting with most hotel room lamps actually being mounted to the wall. Hotels mount their hotel room lamps to the wall in order to reduce possible damage and avoid theft, which can cut down on their profits. However, not all wall mounted room lamps are designed for the hotel’s convenience, but to make it possible and enjoyable for guests to read in bed.

What Different Styles of Hotel Room Lamps Are There

Hotel bedside lamps for reading come in a variety of different styles including some recessed hotel bedside lights. These lights can be placed on the wall on either side of the bed, or over the headboard. Hotel room lamps for reading may be two separate lights or single light with two goose necks, two heads and separate switches for each light head so that one guest can sit up and read and the other can sleep if they so desire.

Most reading lights for hotel can be adjusted so that guests can focus the beam exactly where they want it to be able to comfortably read.

Other hotel room lamps may include small wall mounted lights that lights place on either side of the mirror or longer lights that sit over the hotel room mirror.

LED hotel room lights are becoming increasingly popular due to the sheer number of benefits they offer to businesses and business owners. Here is a look at some of those benefits.

Benefits of LED Hotel Room Lights

  • Long Lasting- Most hotel maintenance people work long hours in order to keep the motel looking its best and everything functioning properly. One of LED benefits is that these lights are long lasting (they last 6 times longer than traditional lights) that they may only need to be to changed every few years relieving maintenance people of one tedious task.
  • Energy Efficient- LED hotel room lights are about 80% more efficient than more traditional lighting options, which can result in lower energy bills for the hotel and a higher profit margin.
  • LED Lights Don’t Emit Any UV Rays- LED lights don’t emit any UV rays so they won’t fade the wall paper or the bed spreads in your hotel like traditional lights will do over time.
  • LED Hotel Bedside Lamps are Environmentally Friendly – LED hotel room lights are environmentally friendly. Not only are they more energy efficient, which reduces the load on the power companies, they also contain no toxic elements and are 100% recyclable.
  • LED Lighting is Affordable- Contrary to the beliefs of some people Led lighting is more affordable than ever before. These lights cost only slightly more than more traditional lighting options, but that additional expense is made up for by the fact that your don’t have to buy any light bulbs and that you can save money on your utility bill.

You do keep in mind that since LED wall lights needs to be directly wired into your 240 volt power main that installation of these lights should be done by a license electrician.

LWA418 3 Watt Reading Light Hotel Room Lamps

LWA418 3 watt LED reading light hotel room lamps

Elegante 3 Watt Recessed LED Reading Lights

LWA219 3 watt round recessed LED reading light hotel room lamps

Beam Triple 6 Watt Brushed Aluminium LED Wall Light

lwa105 6 watt up and down wall light hotel room lamps

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