Hotel Reading Lamp – Every Hotel Needs Them

Hotel reading lamp – Keeping your hotel well-lit is the ticket to keeping your guests comfortable and safe. You could have the most expensive beds and pillows, but if they cannot comfortably see and move around the room at night, it won’t make much difference. Because hotel rooms are usually shared by more than one person, the lighting needs of the space are a bit different and need to be considered.

There is a variety of hotel room lighting options to choose from depending on your needs.

What Kind of Hotel Room Lighting Is There?


  • OVERHEAD LIGHTING. Overhead lighting, much like in any other space, shines a light over the entire room. This kind of light is a good choice when everyone in the room needs to see and move about the entire suite at one time.
  • DESK LIGHTING. Desk lighting, such as lamps or wall lights over desks, offers a softer glow across the room. This type of lighting keeps the light contained and concentrated in a smaller area than an overhead light. It is often used as a secondary light source.
  • HOTEL READING LIGHTS. Hotel reading lights are also known as hotel bedside wall lights. A hotel reading lamp is one that usually attaches to the wall or the headboard beside it. This type of light is much smaller than a table lamp or overhead light and sits directly by the bed instead of off to the side.

What Is the Purpose of a Hotel Reading Lamp?


A hotel reading lamp makes it more comfortable for more than one person to share the space of a hotel room. Because hotel reading lamp fixtures shine a dedicated beam of light in one space, each person can control their own light. This is especially beneficial for two guests who are going to sleep at different times. One can keep their light on without disturbing the person next to them like an overhead or desk light might.

How To Choose the Best Hotel Bedside Wall Lights


  • FIXED OR FLEXIBLE? Hotel reading lamps come in two mains styles: flexible and fixed. Flexible lights have arms that you can twist and turn to sit at the best angle for you. Fixed lights shine only in one place and cannot be twisted around in that way.
  • Choose a finish that matches the style of your existing suite. Finishes often come in gold, silver, black and sometimes rose gold. You can also choose a finish that contrasts against the decor for a more artistic look.
  • Pick a material that is going to last the years, such as aluminium, to ensure you don’t have to constantly buy and rebuy your lights.

Lighting your hotel suites is important. On our site, you’ll find a huge variety of hotel room lighting to choose from, especially bedside lamps. Regardless of the type of reading lamps you’re interested in, you’re sure to find them here. We stock a great number of reading lights ready to suit the style of any hotel suite. Order yours today.


LWA298A Polished Chrome Wall Mounted Reading Light

LWA298A Polished chrome led reading light

LWA421 4 Watt Black Reading Light With Phone Charging

LWA421-BK 4 watt black LED bedside light with USB and wireless phone charging point

LWA317 3 Watt Beech Rood LED Reading Light

LWA317-BK LED reading light


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