Hotel Pendant Lighting Succeed With Impressing Your Guests

Hotel lights are extremely important to your guests comfort as well as important to over all décor. Hotel Pendant lighting can both add beauty to your hotel and make staying at your hotel more comfortable and enjoying for your guests.

What Areas Can You Use Hotel Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is often a feature of hotel lobby lighting providing ample lighting to make your hotel look and feel warm and welcoming to those arriving and looking to rent a room. This lighting makes it possible for guests to check in, sit and read the paper and meet with friends to plan the days activities.

Hotel pendant lighting is also used in dining areas for hotels over tables and booths. In addition, hotel lights are used in hallways, exercise facilities, and guest rooms.

In some hotels pendant lighting is use both in guest bathrooms and next to the beds in the guest rooms themselves.

Today more and more hotels as well as other businesses are choosing LED lighting as their lighting of choice. Here is a look at why LED hotel pendant lighting is increasing in popularity.

Why Use LED Lighting In Hotels

  1. Hotel Pendant Lighting is long lasting- These lights are designed to last anywhere from between 20,000 to 70,000 hours or more depending on the light and the company that manufacturers a particular light.
  2. LED Lighting is energy efficient- LED lighting only uses between 20% and 50% of the electricity that more traditional lighting options use. Not only does this energy savings reduce the demand on energy companies, it also means savings on that energy bill.
  3. LED lighting requires less maintenance- With no light bulbs to change LED lighting requires less maintenance. Just keeping the fixtures dusted is the only maintenance that these lights need until it is time to change them.
  4. LED hotel lights contain no toxic elements. LED lighting is lead free, mercury free, and in fact they contain absolutely no toxic elements that can affect your family’s or the environment’s health.
  5. LED lighting does not give off excess heat. Unlike traditional lighting that wastes energy by giving off heat, LED lighting wastes less heat so they burn much cooler making it safe to touch the bulb even after it has been on for a number of hours.
  6. LED pendant lighting is environmentally friendly- Since these lights use less energy, have no light bulbs to change and no toxic elements and give off no excess heat they are better for the environment than other types of lighting. In addition, these lights are also 100% recyclable.
  7. LED lighting is highly affordable- While these lights cost slightly more than more traditional lighting options, the increased cost is minimal and when you consider that these lights are more economical to operate saving money on your energy bill, and you don’t have to buy light bulbs for these lights they actually turn out to be somewhat cheaper than traditional lighting in the long run.

Do keep in mind that LED lighting does need to be hard wired into your 240 electric main and installation of these lights should be done by a licensed electrician.

LPL142A 20 Watt Black Hotel Pendant Lighting

LPL142A 20 watt black linear LED hotel pendant lighting

LPL354 6 Watt Globe LED Pendant Lighting

LPL354 6 watt globe style LED hotel pendant lighting

LPL335 20 Watt Up and Down LED Hotel Pendant Lighting

LPL335 20 watt up and down modern LED hotel pendant lighting

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