Why Hotel Outdoor Lighting Is Vital To The Ambiance

Hotel outdoor lighting – Hotels are meant to be welcoming and inviting. When your guests arrive, they are often weary from the road and looking for somewhere inviting and comfortable to relax. Their impression of your hotel can be made from the moment they lay eyes on it. While the rooms and the lobby needs to be appealing, the same can be said for the exterior lights.

As many of your guests may come overnight, having proper lighting outdoors is important. The right lighting will help decorate your exterior and make it look more visually appealing as soon as they pull into the car park. Beyond that, it will also lead them to your front door more comfortably. With the right illumination, your guests can more comfortably navigate the path to your hotel and feel safer doing so.

Where Can You Place Hotel Outdoor Lighting?

You can install outdoor wall lighting on the walls of the hotel leading to the entrance. You can also place lighting on either side of the doors, above it, or both. Adding hotel outdoor wall lighting all around the sides of the building makes the entire building more appealing and comfortable. If you have a courtyard, you can also use it as commercial garden lighting to create a more comfortable area for relaxation.

How To Choose the Best Hotel Outdoor Lighting

  • The type of hotel aesthetic you have may dictate the type of light you want to install. Wall lights that offer a wall wash effect will make the space seem more artistic. They may also make it look more attractive.

You can also choose ground lights such as bollard lights to light the path to the hotel. This type of light is especially beneficial when you are in need of commercial garden lighting. Line the paths and light the edges of the car park with these lights to make it easier for your guests to see from the moment they get out of the car.

  • Due to the fact that the lights are outdoors, the material of the lights is quite important. You want to choose a material that is going to outlast the years even in the face of inclement weather. One of the best materials you can choose for this is aluminium. Aluminium is naturally durable and resistant to issues of rust, corrosion and wear and tear.
  • IP RATING. Since the lights are outdoors, it means they will be exposed to the elements. By choosing the right IP rated light fixtures, you can be sure they are up to the challenge. Whether they are under an awning or not, it is best to choose waterproof, highly water-resistant IP ratings just to be safe.

From ground lights to outdoor wall lighting, hotel outdoor lighting encompasses many types of fixtures. In this article, we’ve reviewed a few of them. We have also given you a short buying guide to help you find your next light more easily.

LFL050 4 Watt LED Bollard Hotel Outdoor Lighting

LFL050 4 watt low level outdoor bollard post light

ODL047 1 Watt Brass LED Ground Light

ODL047-IN220 1 watt round brass LED ground light

LWA218 24 Watt Up and Down Outdoor Wall Light

LWA218 large outdoor wall light

LFL007 5 Watt Black Bollard Light Hotel Outdoor Lighting

LFL007 5 watt bollard light hotel outdoor lighting

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