Hotel Lighting Fixtures

It may not seem like it buy your hotel lighting fixtures play a huge role in how comfortable your guest feel when staying at your establishment. Not only can the hotel lighting fixtures you choose enhance the beauty of your hotel’s overall décor your hotel bedroom lighting will determine whether your guests feel at home in your hotel and are likely to return for an even longer stay.

Hotel wall lights can be used to great advantage in your hotel bedrooms and can add or detract from your guest enjoyment of their room. Here is a brief look at how hotel bedroom lighting can make your guest bedrooms more comfortable and functional.LWA339 12 watt LED bathroom wall light fitting

Vanity Lighting

Hotel guest use the vanity mirror in their rooms to do any number of things including shaving, styling their hair, and putting on make up. Having proper hotel wall lighting fixtures on the wall either over the vanity mirror or beside it can make performing these simple tasks easier and more enjoyable for guests. No guest wants to feel as though they have been left in the dark when it comes to being able to attend to their personal hygiene so making sure that you have the proper hotel lighting fixtures for the vanity mirror is essential to your guest comfort.

Hotel Wall Lights for Reading

Many hotel guest do reading in bed either for business or pleasure and having the right reading lights can make the time they spend reading in bed more comfortable and pleasurable. Hotel reading light fixtures that are mounted on the wall and designed specifically for reading in bed can provide your guests with the right lighting to meet their needs. Being able to adjust that wall reading light so that the beam of light falls directly on the pages of the book makes reading easier and saves the guest from straining their eyes while at the same time leaving the bed stand free for placing other necessities close at hand.

More and more hotels are choosing LED hotel lighting fixtures for their wall lights for the following reasons.

  • LED lights come in a wide variety of styles so there is sure to be one that matches your hotel’s décor.
  • LED lighting is highly energy efficient, which means when you are placing lights in a number of hotel rooms these lights can save you money on your hotel energy bill and the more money you save the more profit your business will make.
  • LED lighting is long lasting, these lights can 20,000 hours or more, and they don’t use light bulbs so your will save on maintenance fees since your maintenance man won’t be spending his time changing burned out light bulbs.
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly. Not only do these lights save on energy, they don’t contain any toxic elements and are 100% recyclable

Hotel lighting fixtures for walls do need to be wired into your 240 electric main so the wiring will need to be done by a qualified electrician.

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