Different Ways to Use Hotel Hallway Lighting

Hotel hallway lighting is extremely important to the functioning of any hotel both for guest and the hotel staff itself. Hallway hotel lighting fixtures run the gambit from lighted room numbers, to wall lights, and recessed ceiling lights. Here is a look at the various hotel corridor lighting options that are available for your hotel.

What Types of Hotel Hallway Lighting Are Available

Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Recessed ceiling lighting are quite popular as hotel hallway lighting in many hotels. Recessed lighting gives hotel hallways a clean fresh look while providing plenty of light for both guests to navigate the hallways and for staff to perform their duties. With recessed ceiling lights your hotel light fixtures won’t show all your guests will notice is a brightly lit corridor.

LED Wall Lights

LED wall lights make a great form of hotel hallway lighting for both boutique and chain hotels. Wall lights are often set at the end of corridors and occasionally placed down the hallway every few feet. Hotels that choose wall lights over recessed lighting do so because they want hotel corridor lighting fixtures to become part of the décor.

Lighted Room Numbers

Using lighted room numbers beside individual room doors offers two functions. First, it makes it easier for users to find their room after dark and it serves as hotel hallway lighting. While a single number doesn’t light up much of your hotel corridor 20 of these lights set beside each door can actually offer guests a softly lit hotel hallway.

Considerations When Choosing Hotel Hallway Lighting for Your Hotel

Of course there are some things you need to consider when choosing hotel hallway lighting for your hotel. First, you need to consider the overall décor of hotel itself. For example, if the décor in your hotel is modern, you don’t want your hotel hallway lighting to look dated so old fashioned looking lantern lighting simply won’t fit with your overall décor.

Second, if you are adding additional hallway lighting to your existing décor then you want the lights you are adding to blend in or at least harmonize with your existing hotel lighting fixtures. This may mean that if you don’t use wall lights anywhere else in your hotel, you may not want to go with wall lights in just your corridors. On the other hand if you have blended ceiling lights and wall lights throughout the rest of your hotel your choice of hallway lights is much more versatile.

LED Hallway Lighting Offers You Versatility and Other Benefits

When you choose LED lights for your hotel hallway lighting you have the versatility of choosing various types of lighting in various styles so you are sure to find the right lighting for your hotel. In addition, LED lighting can offer you other benefits as well. For example, LED lights are long-lasting giving you at least 20,000 hours of light without you ever having to change a single light bulb. LED lights also will save you money on those energy bills making them a highly affordable options for your business.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have a variety of different LED lights perfect for your hotel hallway lighting, so why not give us a call at 0800-678-5156 and let us help you find the right lighting to meet your needs? Of course any time you add lights to your hotel the installation of those lights should be done by a licensed professional.

CSL024 5 Watt Square Recessed LED Downlights

CSL024 watt recessed LED downlight hotel hallway lighting

LWA427 3 Watt Interior LED Wall Washer Light

LWA427 3 watt wall washer interior hotel hallway lighting

4 Watt Illuminated Hotel Room Number Lights

LWA228B Illuminated LED hotel room number lights hotel hallway lighting

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