Hotel Bedside Lights – An Essential in a Modern Hotel

Hotel bedside lights provide a couple of important functions for guests staying in your establishment. These lights provide a means for guests to turn on a light prior to getting out of bed so they can easily find their way around the unfamiliar hotel room. In addition, hotel bedside lights may also be used for reading in bed if the lights are specifically designed to be bedside reading lights.

How Hotel Bedside Reading Lamps Differ From Regular Lights

LED reading lights are different that regular bedside lights in a variety of ways. First newer models of hotel bedside reading lights may be designed to place over the head of the bed or on the wall beside the bed. In addition, bedside reading lamps normally have adjustable necks or heads so that you can direct the beam of the light onto the pages of your book where you need the light.

Of course hotel bedside lights whether regular lights or reading lights come in a variety of different styles and designs. Bedside reading lights are not only functional, but are also attractive as well. Today more and more hotels are turning to LED reading lights due to the many benefits these lights provide.

Benefits of Hotel Bedside Lights

Here are some of the benefits of LED reading lights for your hotel.

  • Most LED reading lights are made from the highest quality materials, making them not only attractive, but highly functional. These lights use the latest designs and come in a variety of different styles, so there is sure one to match your hotel’s décor.
  • LED Reading Lights Are Energy Efficient- Hotel’s pay a lot of money for lighting throughout the hotel, so having energy efficient lighting can make a huge difference on their bottom dollar. With LED lights only using between 20% and 50% of the energy used by more traditional lighting options which can result in some huge savings depending on the number of hotel rooms you have.
  • LED Lighting is Long-Lasting- Led bedside lighting uses the very latest in LED technology making these lights extremely long-lasting with these lights capable of providing 20,000 to 70,000 hours of lights depending on the light and the manufacturer. This means that these lights will provide your guests with years of reliable lighting.
  • LED Lighting is Environmentally Friendly- Unlike more traditional lighting, LED lighting is exceptionally environmentally friendly. Not only are hotel bedside lights energy efficient, which reduces the demand for electricity on local energy companies, but unlike traditional lighting LED lights do not give off excess heat as waste, so they don’t add to global warming. In addition these lights contain no toxic elements, use no light bulbs that need to be disposed of, and are 100% recyclable.
  • LED Bedside Reading Lights are Affordable- LED lighting may initially cost a little more than traditional lighting options, but when you consider the money you can save on your energy bill as well as the fact that you won’t be spending money constantly purchasing light bulbs then you can see that LED bedside lights may actually be a cheaper option in the long run.

You do need to remember that these lights need to be installed by a professional qualified electrician since they need to be hard wired directly into your 110/240 volt electric main.

Elegante 3 watt Round Recessed Hotel Bedside Lights

LWA219 3 watt recessed LED reading light hotel bedside lights

LWA322 3 Watt Recessed Hotel Bedside Lights

LWA322 3 watt recessed LED reading light hotel bedside lights

LWA298A 6 Watt Polished Chrome Hotel Bedside Lights

LWA298A 6 watt polished chrome LED reading light hotel bedside lights

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