How Hotel Bedroom Wall Lights Give Layered Room Lighting

For travelers who are stopping for the night to get some rest, they need a relaxing experience at your hotel to get a good night’s sleep. Because of the overnight stays that shroud the hotel in darkness, having bright overhead lights can be abrasive to sleepy guests, making it necessary to find alternatives to such hospitality lighting. Fixtures such as hotel bedroom wall lights and gentle hallway lights help to soften the overall mood of the space and make it a more inviting location to stop over for the night.

Where can you place hospitality lighting?

Hotel lighting is versatile in their potential placements throughout the establishment. With so many options, filling the business with light is an easy endeavor. There are many places to use hospitality lighting including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Lining the hallways with lighting leaves your guests a more comfortable space to walk through at night, either on their way to their room, the hotel gym or just the snack machine. The lights can gently lead them through the halls without being too abrasive on the eyes.
  • Putting the right hotel bedroom wall lights in the room gives guests the chance to use softer light at nighttime to achieve the same calming effect. Various lights can go in various spots in the suite, such as on the wall by the entry for those entering or exiting or above the bed as a reading light.
  • In both the bedrooms and in the hallways, you can ensure that your guests can comfortably and safely move through the space at night by installing lights along the floors to help them see where they’re going.

Benefits of Hospitality Lighting

  • Low power consumption. These types of lights use significantly less power than most others.
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance. They provide you with years of use without needing to buy new replacements or change the bulbs often.
  • Lowered fire risk. Because of the low heat of the LEDs compared to the heat from halogen bulbs, there is less of a chance of fire.

How to choose the best hospitality lighting

There are a number of factors to think about when choosing the best hotel bedroom wall lights and other hotel lighting, including:

  • Modern or traditional? With wall lights that look more like art pieces than they do illumination, you can give your hotel suites a modern update that elevates the style and makes them instantly more attractive. Conversely, you can choose lighting that has a more standard appearance, such as simple circular or rectangular designs that fit in well with any type of decor.
  • According to the decor in your hotel, you’ll want to look for a finish on the lights that matches the existing decor. Common finishes of hotel bedroom wall lights include sleek white, dark black and metallic colours such as chrome and aluminium for plenty of options.

Hotel bedroom wall lights and other such hospitality lighting is as important to the comfort of your guests as the actual furniture and design of the suites themselves. Take a look at all of the options available to you and choose the one that best suits your needs to take the look and feel of your hotel to new heights.


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