Why It is Vital To Get Hotel Bathroom Lighting Correct

Hotel Bathroom Lighting – When your guests arrive at your hotel, they are looking for a place to relax and unwind. The way your hotel welcomes them is important to the overall satisfaction of their stay; their satisfaction influences whether or not they will be returning to your establishment or recommending it to others. One of the ways you can make sure they are as comfortable as possible is through the lighting. Choosing proper modern bathroom lighting can go a long way toward making the space what it is.

What Are the Types of Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

– BEDROOM LIGHTING. Overall, having a well-lit bedroom is crucial. This is the type of lighting that the guests will be using the most.

– READING LIGHTS. Reading lights can go a long way toward making your guests comfortable in their beds.

– BATHROOM LIGHTS. Bathroom lights make sure guests can easily see to get ready for their day in the morning. This type of light requires special attention when choosing them. It is best to know about the lighting zones before making your selection.

What Are the Bathroom Lighting Zones?

The domestic and hotel bathroom lighting zones are as follows:

– ZONE 0. This zone applies to lights that are submerged fully in water. It encompasses areas such as the space inside of a wet room floor or inside of a bath. This type of lighting will require lights that are rated IP67.

– ZONE 1. This type of lighting is used right over your shower or bath and is very easily exposed to moisture and humidity. For these, you will also need a light with an IP67 rating.

– ZONE 2. Zone 2 is where you will find the most bathroom lights. This is the most common area for lights in most bathrooms. Usually, this will take into account the perimeters of your zone 1 bathroom area, as well as the radius of the sink. This area requires an IP44 rated light.

– ZONE 3. This zone encompasses anywhere in the bathroom outside of the aforementioned zones where no jet water can reach. Though there is no specific rating needed for this area of the bathroom, a minimum of IP20 is recommended.

How To Choose the Best Hotel Bathroom Lighting

There are a few things to consider when choosing your new bathroom lighting:

– STYLE. Because these lights will stand out to your guests, their appearance is as important as the lighting itself. Choose lights based on their shape and style and then look at the rest of the features.

– MATERIAL. In the bathroom, there are lights that are exposed to more humidity and moisture than normal. IP rated lights made from strong materials like aluminium go a long way.

– FINISH. Finish ties into the style of the light. Often, these types of lights come in silver-toned or chrome finishes.

In this article, we’ve detailed the different zones for hotel bathroom lighting as well as provided a small buying guide. Keep it in mind as you browse our selection of modern bathroom lighting.

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