Advice on How To Light a Hotel Bathroom

Hotel lighting is crucial to the guest experience. This is true for all of the lighting across the property, including, of course, hotel bathroom lighting. When considering your LED hotel lighting, bathroom light fittings should be a priority. Below, we explore bathroom lights for hotels to give you some ideas.


General Advice on Lighting a Hotel Bathroom

While every bathroom design will have its own specific needs, there are some universal tips to keep in mind when adding LED bathroom lights to your hotel suites.


  • LAYER THE LIGHTING. Layered lighting is important in bathrooms. By combining bathroom ceiling lights, bathroom wall lights and hotel LED mirror lights, you can create bathroom lighting that provides ample illumination for any task in the room. Ambient light, such as bathroom downlights, and task lighting, such as vanity lights, can go a long way toward enhancing the bathrooms.
  • CHOOSE THE BEST COLOUR TEMPERATURE. One benefit of using LED bulbs for your bathroom light fixtures is the ability to choose the warmth or coolness of a light, known as its colour temperature. Choosing a warm but bright white light around the 3000k range is generally believed to be the best idea.
  • STAY CONSISTENT WITH AESTHETICS. By choosing light fixtures that all have the same finish, you can create a more streamlined look in the bathroom. This will be more visually appealing and can add to the room’s overall decor.
  • PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE HOTEL VANITY LIGHTS. The hotel bathroom mirror is one of the most important features in a bathroom outside of its facilities, meaning mirror lighting is crucial. Place bathroom vanity lights along the sides of the vanity instead of over it. This will eliminate unflattering shadows from overhead lights.
  • NOTE THE IP RATINGS. All bathrooms consist of different lighting zones. Within these zones, different IP rated lights are required. Be sure you are choosing the appropriate IP ratings for the bathroom lighting zones you are planning. You can learn more about IP ratings below.
  • LAYER YOUR LIGHT. Much like in your hotel suites and lobby, layered lighting is an important element of your hotel bathroom design. This involves adding bathroom task lighting, ambient lighting and even mood or accent lighting. This creates a well-balanced and well-lit bathroom that can be used for both grooming and relaxing in the bath.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOUR TEMPERATURE. Colour temperature, or the warmth or coolness of a light, significantly impacts the feel of the room. Hotel bathroom lighting should be gentle on the eyes but still bright and effective. Choose warm white lights between 3000k and 3300k for best results.
  • IMPLEMENT STRATEGIC LIGHTING AROUND THE VANITY. Use hotel bathroom lighting fixtures to light up the vanity or sink area. Good hotel bathroom mirror lighting helps guests see easily while they are getting ready for the day and should be placed on the sides of the mirror instead of above it to ensure the most flattering look.
  • GET THE RIGHT IP RATING. An IP rating indicates how well a light is protected against potential damage from solid and liquid intrusion. Since bathrooms are wet, humid environments, the IP rating is crucial.


Some areas of the bathroom require different IP ratings than others, so pay close attention when selecting your hotel bathroom fixtures. If you want to be 100 percent safe, you can just use IP65 rated lights or above.

  • ADD DIMMER SWITCHES. Make your luxury hotel bathroom feel like a spa with dimmable lights. Pair this with lights that can be turned on individually, and you can make the bathroom a perfectly relaxing space.
  • GET THE RIGHT FIXTURES. Hotel bathroom lights should coordinate with one another in terms of finish and material. To get the most out of any bathroom LED lighting ideas you have, be sure the fixtures in the bathroom flow well with those in the bedroom itself.


Modern hotel bathroom with LED lighting

Tips on Lighting a Vanity Unit in a Hotel Bathroom

Modern hotel bathrooms prioritise functionality and mood alike. This means you will need to get the task lighting right, and that primarily falls on ensuring the vanity is well lit.

One of the most important elements to consider is the LED colour temperature options. The vanity needs light that is flattering but still functional, and that is best accomplished by warm white colour temperatures. To this effect, choose bulbs with 3000k to 3300k colour temperatures.

With flattering hotel bathroom light in mind, be sure you hang lights on either side of the vanity. Hanging them above the vanity or using ceiling mounted light fixtures could cast unattractive shadows down onto your guests’ faces. Using wall sconces on either side of the mirror is going to yield the best results.

When it comes to the height they should be hung at, it is generally recommended that you hang them 65 to 70 inches from the floor. This puts them around eye level without casting shadows or causing glare.

Recent LED lighting trends for bathrooms have seen hanging pendant lamps on either side of the mirror. Doing this instead of using wall sconces can bring a modern, trendy feeling to the bathroom.

Speaking of LED lights, consider using those opposed to traditional halogen bulbs. Eco-friendly lighting solutions like LED lights are not only gentle on the environment, but they will be easier on your energy bills as well.

Furthermore, LED lights don’t output large amounts of heat like halogen bulbs do, so they won’t be uncomfortable for guests to stand in front of for long periods of time while grooming.

Modern bathroom vanity with LED lighting over the basins

Light Fitting Options for a Bathroom

There are a variety of types of lighting you can choose in a hotel bathroom. They include:


  • BATHROOM SCONCES. Otherwise called bathroom wall light fixtures, these are simply lights that are attached to the wall. Wall lights can be used to provide accent lighting or task lighting depending on the style you choose.
  • BATHROOM DOWNLIGHTS. Downlights are lights that are installed on or in the ceiling and shine illumination downward. These include both surface mounted and recessed ceiling lights.
  • BATHROOM VANITY LIGHTING. As mentioned, these are lights that illuminate the mirror in the bathroom.
  • LED STRIP MOOD LIGHTING. Whether you install them low to the ground, behind shelves or along the perimeter of the ceiling, strip lighting can create a beautiful atmospheric feel in the bathroom.


Do Hotel Bathroom Light Fittings Need to Be IP Rated?

Because bathrooms are wet places, it is important to have IP rated bathroom lights. IP ratings, or Ingress Protection ratings, refer to a fixture’s ability to protect itself from damage both from solid objects and moisture. The first number in an IP rating indicates its protection against solid objects. The second digit refers to its protective ability against moisture.


First Digit – Solid Objects


0  –  No Protection

1  –  Protected against solid objects that measure over 50 mm

2  –  Protected against solid objects that measure over 12 mm

3  –  Protected against solid objects that measure over 2.5 mm

4  –  Protected against solid objects that measure over 1 mm

5  –  Dust Protected

6  –  Dust tight


Second Digit – Moisture


0  –  No Protection

1  –  Protected from water droplets falling vertically

2  –  Protected from water droplets falling at an angle of 15 degrees

3  –  Protected from water droplets like rain falling at an angle of 60 degrees

4  –  Protected from water that is being splashed or projected

5  –  Protected from water from low pressure jets

6  –  Protected from water from high pressure jets

7  –  Protected from temporary immersion

8  –  Protected against long term immersion


Different areas in the bathroom will require different IP rating minimums. These are known as the bathroom lighting zones:


Zone 0  –  This particular zone refers to the area inside the shower or bath. In this zone, IP67 rated lights are recommended to protect against complete immersion in water.

Zone 1  –  This zone refers to the space above the shower or bath around 2.25 metres from the floor. In such a zone, it is recommended that you use IP65 rated lighting, though IP45 is also okay.

Zone 2  –  This area sits around the perimeter of the bath. In this location, a minimum IP rating of IP44 is required.

Other Zones  –  Any other area of the bathroom outside of the zones mentioned above falls into this category. Though there are no special lighting requirements for these locations, it is still a good idea that you choose a light with a minimum IP20 rating.

Lighting zones for a bathroom


How To Style a Hotel Bathroom

Below, you’ll find some tips on how to create a truly stylish and memorable hotel bathroom:


  • OPT FOR OPULENCE. By choosing high quality materials, you can create a luxurious looking bathroom. Choosing glass, marble or metal, you can make the bathroom glisten and shine. This will also serve the purpose of reflecting light around the room to help light it.
  • CHOOSE A NICE COLOUR SCHEME. By matching the colour in the bathroom to the colour in the adjoining bedroom, you can create a nice flow. This will add visual symmetry and improve the appearance of the entire suite.
  • ADD THE RIGHT LIGHTING. Lights can serve a greater purpose than just providing illumination. Choose decorative fixtures that bring artistic style to the space. You can also choose wall washer lights that shine illumination back onto the walls.
  • ENHANCE THE VANITY. Adding a plush seat at a dressing area or vanity will give the bathroom a vintage luxurious feel while also making it more comfortable for your guests.
  • CREATE A CONTEMPORARY SPACE. If your hotel brand is modern or you run a boutique hotel, a minimalistic bathroom could suit your aesthetic. Choose simple finishes and modern fixtures to create a memorable modern bathroom.
  • CREATE A MEMORABLE HOTEL STYLE BATHROOM WITH THE RIGHT LIGHTING. With layered lighting and the right colour temperatures, you can make the hotel ensuite bathroom a relaxing, spa-like area for your guests to enjoy.
  • MAKE THE BATHTUB THE FOCUS. This is an especially beneficial style tip for small hotel bathroom design. Make the most out of the limited space you have by drawing attention to the main feature. Using accent lighting near the bathtub also allows guests to enjoy a dimly lit bath.
  • INCORPORATE SOME ART. Bring in some unique decor and artwork to give the bathroom more personality. Choose artwork that complements the general theme of the property for best results.
  • ADD SOME NATURAL ELEMENTS. Using materials like stone, wood and potted plants, you can bring the outside indoors and create a refreshing space to be in.
  • KEEP IT SYMMETRICAL. To make your bathroom as visually appealing as possible, be sure that everything is symmetrical. This is especially important if you have double sinks and double mirrors.
  • PLAY WITH TEXTURES. Bring in multiple different types of textures to give your bathroom a trendy, boutique feel. Combining wood with matte light fixtures, for example, gives the bathroom a robust personality.
  • USE LARGE MIRRORS. If your hotel bathroom is on the smaller side, using one large mirror along the wall above the sinks can make it seem larger.


How To Layer Lighting in a Hotel Bathroom 

When considering various hotel bathroom ideas to implement, one thing you cannot overlook is layered lighting. It is a critical element of hotel bathroom lighting design if you want it to be well lit and balanced.

Layered lighting consists of three elements: ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting is the main lighting source in the room and is generally accomplished with ceiling lights. Task lighting is going to be found by the vanity and in the shower area. Accent and mood lighting is any indirect, soft lighting you add to create a nice atmosphere.

Ambient lighting provides the overall illumination, so it should be higher up and easier to spread. Flush mount ceiling lights are a popular choice for ambient lights in modern hotels due to their sleek, minimalist appearance. You can also use surface mounted lights or stylish hanging pendant lights to provide the ambient layer.

When including the ambient lighting, consider the size and layout of the bathroom. This will help you determine how many lights you will need and where to place them.

Task lighting is the functional light in the hotel bathroom. It is important for safe and efficient grooming around the vanity area. Installing task lighting such as wall sconces near the vanity will make it easier for guests to see their reflection in the mirror. Quality bathroom task lighting should also include lights above the shower and bath area.

Finally, accent lighting is needed to create a mood in the bathroom. Accent lighting adds depth to the bathroom and generates a nice atmosphere for guests to relax.

Use accent light to create a focal point around interesting areas in the bathroom such as architectural elements, artwork or shelves. Oftentimes, spotlights and wall sconces are used for this.

You can continue to add other layers of light to the bathroom in creative ways by installing backlit mirror lights, dimmer switches and light fixtures that are decorative in and of themselves. This will not only provide more lighting but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal.


Why Proper Lighting in a Hotel Bathroom Is Vital to the Guest Experience

Lighting can make or break the feel and functionality of a bathroom. Improper lighting can be a detriment to the guest experience, so it is important that you get it right.

With proper lighting, guests can safely navigate the various facilities of the bathroom. By lighting the vanity mirror well, guests can more easily see when grooming. Similarly, having lights in the shower and bath area will make it easier to see while bathing, while also minimizing the risk of accidents or falls.

Hotels should be a place of comfort and rest for guests first and foremost, and you can accomplish that in part with good lighting. Choose accent lighting to create a moody atmosphere in the bathroom and give your guests a spa-like experience. Colour temperature is important in this endeavor, as warmer lights are thought to be more relaxing than energizing cool colour temperatures.

If you want to make your hotel memorable to guests so that they return, you’ll need to make a good impression on them. Spending time on the details of the bathroom lighting and ensuring it is well lit while visually interesting is one way to make sure your property sticks out in their memories.


What LED Colour Temperature Is Best for Hotel Bathrooms?

Colour temperature is a term that refers to the coolness or warmth of a light fixture. This is measured in Kelvin units on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. The higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler you can expect the light to be. On the other hand, the lower the rating, the warmer the light will be.

Since bathrooms are used for various tasks, it is important to have clear enough light to easily see. That said, it is still a relaxing setting, so the light should be warm and inviting. To this effect, the best colour temperature in a bathroom tends to be between 2,700K and 3,000K.

LED colour temperature guide


What Are the Safety Requirements for Hotel Bathrooms?

In bathrooms, there are a few things you should be mindful of to ensure they are as safe as possible for your guests. This includes ensuring they are kept clean and have no leaky faucets or other fixtures.

It is also important to add smoke detectors to the bathrooms. This way, in the event of a fire, the guests can be easily alerted.

When it comes to lighting, it is important that you install lights with the proper IP ratings in the right zones. If you don’t, this could pose a hazard. It is also important that you have the lights installed by a professional to ensure that they are up to code. Faulty lights could pose a risk of electrocution, especially in a humid area like a bathroom.


Why LED Lighting Is the Best Option for a Modern Hotel Bathroom Suite

LED lights have surged in popularity in recent years for the many benefits they offer. Using them for your hotel bathrooms can bring those benefits right to your property. They include:


  • LONG LIFESPAN. Where traditional bulbs typically only last for 1,000 hours before needing to be replaced, LED bulbs tend to have a minimum lifespan of 20,000 hours.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE. Since the lights will last for so much longer, you won’t have to worry about changing out the lights all the time.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. LED lights transform most of their energy into light, while traditional bulbs output most of it as heat. This means that LEDs need less energy to create illumination, which is good both for your budget and the environment.
  • LOWER COST. The price of LED lights is getting lower and lower by the year. Since LED lights last for so long, you won’t have to drop stacks of cash on new lights frequently. They are also easier on your energy bills. Since LED lights are so energy efficient, they require less electricity to run. This is important in hotels where lights are nearly constantly on somewhere.
  • Because of the many colour temperatures and lumen counts of LED lights, you stay in control of the warmth and brightness of all of the lights.


Where Should the Light Switches Be Located in Hotel Bathrooms?

It is generally known that touching a light switch with wet hands poses a risk of electrical shock. For this reason, many light switches for hotel bathrooms will be placed outside of the room. To ensure the safety of your guests, it is recommended that you also place yours outside of the bathrooms in the hallway close to the door.


Bathroom Lights for Hotels Ideas


  1. Onyx 6 Watt Black Bathroom LED Downlight Fitting

LDC335 6 watt bathroom downlight bathroom light fixtures

The Onyx 6 Watt Black Bathroom LED Downlight Fitting is a sleek, modern light with a neutral black finish and a round shape. This light recesses into the wall, providing an even more contemporary look. Due to its IP65 rating, it can be used anywhere in the bathroom, including over the bath or shower. It outputs 430 lumens of 3000k warm white light.


  1. LWA431 6 Watt Round IP65 Bathroom Wall Light

LWA431 6 watt round hotel bathroom lights

Add some modern style to your bathroom alongside some indirect lighting with the LWA431 6 Watt Round IP65 Bathroom Wall Light. This wall light features a round, borderless style that shines a halo of LED light back onto the wall. It comes in either black or white finishes to suit any bathroom aesthetic. The light shines 600 lumens of 3000k warm white light.


  1. LWA338 9 Watt LED Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Light

LWA338 9 watt bathroom mirror light modern bathroom lighting

Perfect for vanity areas, the LWA338 9 Watt LED Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Light is a bar light consisting of exposed bulbs that give off an Old Hollywood feel. It is manufactured out of high quality stainless steel with an IP44 rating, making it great for outer zones in the bathroom. This light shines 720 lumens of 3000k warm white light.


  1. LWA193 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA193 6 watt black dressing room mirror lights

Spruce up your hotel bathroom with the LWA193 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light. This light can sit above the mirror and will shine soft, flattering light at a total of 240 lumens. The thin frame and black finish make it ideal for moody, minimalistic bathrooms. With an IP20 rating, it is safe for use in outer zones in the bathroom.


  1. LWA196 12 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA196 12 watt black LED mirror light

Provide ample task lighting at the bathroom sink with the LWA196 12 Watt Black LED Mirror Light. This bar light is long and thin, spreading light over a larger stretch of space. It outputs 840 lumens of bright, 3200k warm white LED light, making tasks easier to complete. This light comes with an IP20 rating.

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