Hospitality Lighting – Essential Decoration For All Areas

If you own or operate a hotel you know how important having the correct hospitality lighting is to the running of your hotel and the comfort of your guests.

There is a variety of hotel lighting fixtures you can choose from to provide the hospitality lighting you need. Here is a look at some of the various types of hotel lighting you can choose from.

Ceiling Lighting

There are various types of ceiling lighting fixtures that work well in the hotel setting. Some of the ceiling lights used in hotel lobbies, bathrooms, and guest rooms include:CSL002 Recessed commercial LED downlight

  • Recessed ceiling lights- Recessed ceiling light fixtures fit up into the ceiling so only the light itself is observable to people who enter the hotel. This type of ceiling lighting gives ceilings a clean, fresh and uncluttered look.
  • Surface mounted downlights- Surface mounted downlights serve the same function as recessed ceiling lighting, however, the light fixtures are clearly visible since the light is mounted on the surface of the ceiling. These lights are perfect for those hotel who want their lighting to be part of the hotel’s overall decor.
  • Pendant Lighting- Pendant lighting is often used in guest rooms, lobbies and even bathrooms and these lights normally hang from a wire or chain. Pendant lighting is ideal for adding to the hotel’s decor while providing ample light for your guests comfort.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is another type of hospitality lighting that serve both a functional and decorative purposes for hotels. Here is a look at some of the different types of hotel lighting that you can choose from.

  • Hotel lamps- Hotel wall lamps are usually placed on the wall of various hotel rooms or public bathrooms to provide lighting for taking care of business, reading or simply to provide additional lighting for darkened areas of your hotel such as stair landings or hallways.
  • Recessed Stair lights- Recessed stair lighting is normally used to provide additional safety for staircases. These small low wattage lights are usually placed beside stair treads or in the front of each step to provide additional lighting for those people going up and down stairs. Stair lights also add a dramatic effect to your hotel staircase.LSL001 recessed led wall light

There is also a number of choices in garden and grounds lighting hotels can use to create a welcoming aura to anyone approaching the hotel or to those wishing to stroll the grounds after dark.

Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd Has the Right Hospitality to Make Your Hotel Shine!

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we provide high quality LED hospitality lighting to hotels. Our lighting is all ready used in the some popular chain hotels throughout the UK as well as other businesses. We have a variety of both ceiling and wall hospitality lighting available for you to choose from. We use the latest LED technology in all of our lighting in order to provide you with the most energy efficient and long lasting lighting available.

Why not take a few minutes to browse our website and check out our lighting? Please be sure that you have any new lighting installed by a licensed electrician.

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