Why Stylish Boutique Hotel Lights Are Important For Ambiance

Boutique hotel lights – Your decorating scheme is important because it attracts guests toward your boutique hotel instead of a chain hotel. Much like it is in any other hotel or even domestic area, lighting plays a huge role. One of the best ways to make your hotel more inviting is to properly illuminate your rooms in a way that decorates them as well. This is easy to accomplish with our boutique hotel lights and modern hotel lighting.

Why are Boutique Hotel Lights Important?

Because hotels play host to quite a number of people, it is important that they are well-lit. There are places that need to be lit up in a hotel that may not need the same treatment at home. This includes the long corridors leading guests to their rooms and areas with more than one bed side by side. Hospitality lighting that not only leads the way but also shows where the rooms are is important.

You can get lights that display the room number to make it easier to see in the dark while updating it to a modern appearance. There is also the option to add lighted toilet signs to help guide guests where they need to go.

What Kind of Boutique Hotel Lights Are There?

Much like with any other kind of lighting, there are many options and styles to choose from. Besides making your space stand out with lighted corridor signs, there are other ways to add functional lighting. We offer bedside lights that give your guests a proper reading lamp, so once they make it to their room they can properly relax. These lamps come either in a spotlight style that is fixed or a style with flexible arms that allows them to choose exactly where to shine the light.

How to Choose the Best Hospitality Lighting

Choosing boutique hotel lights comes down to similar points as any other lighting. This includes:

  • The style of your lights should match the overall appearance of your hotel space. You can choose from modern square-shaped lights to more transitional rounded lights depending on your taste.
  • The finish plays a large role in your hotel lighting. With options like gold, silver, black and white, you can find the one that best works with the existing decor in the space. You could also choose finishes that contrast against the existing decor for bolder flair.
  • As always, you want to make sure that your lights are ones that are going to outlast years of use. One of the best ways to ensure this is to choose a light manufactured out of long-lasting materials. To this end, aluminium lights are a common choice, as they are quite durable and don’t easily show signs of wear and tear.

No matter what style of space you want to illuminate, you’ll be sure to find the perfect boutique hotel lights here. Browse our selection and choose the one that best suits your space so you can begin designing today.


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LWA322 3 watt bedside reading lights boutique hotel lights

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