7 Inspiring Ideas For Stunning Hotel Lighting

When your guests arrive at your hotel after a long journey, their comfort is a top priority. Comfort doesn’t only include the bed and furnishings; it also means having proper lighting. Hotel suite lighting is one of the most important aspects of providing guests the service and comfort they deserve after choosing your establishment. Below, we offer some advice on lighting your hotel suites perfectly.


How To Zone the Space in a Hotel Bedroom

Before anything else, you should plan where you want to place the lights in relation to the furniture, features and other aspects of the room. Because hotels are more than just somewhere to sleep, you should make your guests comfortable to go about their days and nights in any area of it. The best way to do so is to create different lighting zones in your guest rooms that are reflective of the purposes they are designed to fill.  Below are some tips to consider:

  • AROUND THE BED. You should add dedicated LED reading lights, either wall-mounted bedside lights or on both sides of the headboard. You may also want to add a task lamp or table lamp to the bedside tables.
  • THE DESK AREA. A task lamp is a must on the desk, so guests can comfortably complete any business they have to attend to with adequate lighting.
  • AMBIENT LIGHTING. Plan to have a source of ambient light that provides overall illumination throughout the room. It is best if you have the ambient light on different circuits or even just controlled by separate switches and dimmers. This will allow guests to choose exactly how much light they want and don’t want at any given time. Bedroom pendant lights and recessed downlights are good choices for this purpose.
  • DRESSING AREAS. Mirror lights and LED downlights around the wardrobe are another important aspect of hotel bedroom lighting. Guests must be able to see what they are doing when getting ready in the morning.
  • LAYER THROUGHOUT. Using LED wall lights or wall sconces can help bring light throughout the entire room without fear of shadows being cast.


Using LED lighting on hotel bedroom walls

If you choose to use LED lighting on the walls, you have many options for making it entirely your own. Wall-mounted LED lights can make the room look less cluttered, while also keeping tables clear for decor or tasks. As mentioned, they will also add layers of light. These layers are capable of extending illumination throughout the entire room, so there is no risk of shadows and dark corners.

Wall lights are as versatile as any other type of light, so you can get creative with their appearance and where you place them. Match them up to the colour scheme or decor style you have to pleasantly pull the look of the room together. You can work with both modern and traditional style sconces to play up the mood and atmosphere of the hotel room.


Using Feature Pendant Lighting in a Hotel Suite

Feature lighting, otherwise known as accent lighting, allows you to highlight certain areas of the space that you want to draw attention to. This could be an architectural or interior feature like a reading nook, fireplace or a work of art. Using feature lighting will assist in adding visual interest to the room that can help give it personality.

Feature pendant lighting can be used above certain furnishings or nooks or simply as a decoration on its own. If you choose a bold and dramatic pendant light, it can stand on its own as a focal point. Otherwise, you can use it to light various areas of interest in the hotel room.


LED Mirror Lighting Over a Hotel Room Dressing Table

It is important to have proper illumination in your dressing area, especially near full-length mirrors you have and near the wardrobes. Proper light will provide a more accurate look at the colours of the clothing being worn, so your guests can comfortably dress just like they would at home if not better than home. You could put a recessed light over the area if you want to keep it simple and subtle while still providing enough illumination.


Where Is It Best To Put Lighting Switches in a Hotel Room?

Deciding where to put the switches and sockets in the hotel bedroom is something that is often overlooked. There are many important reasons why you should put careful consideration into the placement of the sockets, though, outside of plugging in LED wall lighting or LED mirror lighting:

  • VISUAL APPEAL. Having sockets that are too crowded can create an unappealing look, so when you can, you should position the sockets where they do not stick out but are still prominent. A good place for this would be putting them between the legs of a table beneath it. If you have a socket above a bedside table, then all of the wires will be on display and look cluttered. If you put it behind a table that doesn’t easily move, you could be creating an accessibility issue as well. You should decide where to place the sockets only after you have figured out where you want to position the bed. This is because you will want to place them on either side of the bed or use double or single sockets that have USBs as well, to make it easier for guests to charge their electronics. Corners are another good place for sockets, especially in areas where you are likely to place furniture like armchairs or televisions.
  • It needs to be easy to get to the light sockets and switches. No one relaxing in a hotel room after a long drive or flight wants to get up and down to constantly turn lights on and off. It is best to have switches close to the bed for the surrounding lights, so they are easy to access from the bed. You will also want to consider USB plugs.


Why LED Reading Lights Are Important in a Hotel Room

For similar accessibility and comfort reasons, it is important to have LED bedside lights. LED bedside lights let guests relax in bed at night as they wind down without having glaring ambient lighting in their eyes. The lights are also usually quite targeted and dedicated; you can point the light in a specific direction. This means if more than one person is sharing a bed, the other person won’t be disturbed by a light as they try to sleep.


Why You Should Consider Natural Light in a Hotel Room

Natural light can be an asset in hotel rooms. It is a good idea to give guests a chance to either have it or hide it away, however. There should be two layers of curtains—one that is thin and offers a bit of privacy without hiding away too much of the light and another that is heavier and capable of blocking most if not all of the light.


How Mirrors Can Be Used in a Hotel Room

Mirrors can be used not only as an accessory in a dressing area but to help spread the light around as well. Mirrors can make a room with fewer lights seem brighter while also making the room itself seem larger. Use mirrors with unique shapes and finishes as an accent on bare walls to get the most out of these reflective surfaces.


Below, we offer a few ideas for LED hotel lighting.

  1. LWA322 3 Watt Recessed LED Reading Wall Light

LWA322 3 watt recessed LED reading light hotel bedside lights

Adding the LWA322 3 Watt Recessed LED Reading Wall Light on either side of the bed will give your guests a comfortable place to relax at night. During the day, it can be pushed in to sit flush with the plate. At night, it can be popped out to provide dedicated lighting for reading. It features a sleek, modern tube shape and comes in either a matte or gloss finish to suit the vibe of your hotel room.


  1. LWA418 3 Watt LED Wall Mounted Reading Light With USB And Wireless Charging

LWA418 3 watt wall mounted LED bedside lamp

The LWA418 3 Watt LED Wall Mounted Reading Light With USB And Wireless Charging provides gentle illumination by the bed as well as a place to charge electronics. This unit “floats” on the wall, shining a soft glow behind it. It also has a pencil-style spotlight attached to the base that you can use to point directly at where you are reading or otherwise relaxing. The USB port and small shelf provide a dedicated space to charge a phone without taking up room on the bedside table.


  1. Leon 20 Watt 600mm Wide Brushed Silver LED Wall Light

LWA151-SL 20 watt aluminium interior wall wash light

The Leon 20 Watt 600mm Wide Brushed Silver LED Wall Light is perfect for adding task lighting over desks or mirrors without taking up too much room. The long bar shape of light gives it a sleek, modern feel while also allowing more light to be cast over a space at one time. This will help spread the illumination and limit how much of it you need in separate fixtures. A sleek silver finish makes it easy to incorporate into any hotel room.


  1. Beam Triple 6 Watt Brushed Aluminium LED Wall Light

lwa105 6 watt brushed aluminium up and down interior LED wall light

With three bulbs shining light above and below the Beam Triple 6 Watt Brushed Aluminium LED Wall Light, you get plenty of illumination with an artistic feel. The fixture is small enough to be placed anywhere you like, such as by the wardrobe, near the entry or in a dark corner that needs some sprucing up. It also has a silver finish that can be worked into spaces of any colour scheme.


  1. LWA238 12 Watt Polished Chrome LED Mirror Light

LWA238 Chrome LED mirror light

Make it easy for your guests to get ready in the morning with the LWA238 12 Watt Polished Chrome LED Mirror Light. This mirror lighting features four heads that have opal acrylic heads to softly diffuse the light without skewing the colour of items displayed beneath it. The four separate lights can each be twisted and turned to send the light right where your guests want it for even more flattering illumination.


  1. LBL283 6 Watt Round Modern LED Ceiling Light

LBL283 6 watt round LED ceiling light fitting

For a modern boutique hotel, quirky lighting can add plenty of personality. This LBL283 6 Watt Round Modern LED Ceiling Light is eye catching and practical, shining plenty of light around the area. It makes an excellent pendant light and can be the finishing touch a contemporary hotel suite needs. The light is available in cherry red, crisp white or stark black.


  1. CSL024 5 Watt Square Recessed LED Downlight Fitting

CSL024 5 watt square recessed LED downlight fixtures

The CSL024 5 Watt Square Recessed LED Downlight Fitting is versatile with its square shape and many colour finish options. It can be used in dressing areas, over closets, as the main lighting or in any other application you see fit. Its clean, modern shape makes it a subtle addition to any room where it is placed.

Final Thoughts

Hotel suite lighting is as important to a guest’s comfort as the furniture you choose. Above, we explored how to light a hotel suite while also providing some examples to help get you started.

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