Recessed Ground Lights – Dramatic Outdoor Lighting

Underground lighting can add dramatic appeal to the exterior of your home. Recessed ground lights or walkover LED lights can be used in a variety ways around your yard and garden. Here is a look at some of the way that use recessed ground lights to enhance the nighttime beauty and safety of your home.

Along Your Drive or Walkway

Placing underground lighting along the outside edges of your walkway or your driveway provides a clear outline and a dramatic and welcoming glow to anyone coming to your home or business after darkness falls.

This type of lighting can be especially effective if you have shrubbery or a flowerbed along the border of your drive or your walkway.ODL029 LED ground light

Along the Front of Your Home

Recessed ground lights are also sometimes placed across the front of your home or business especially when the building may have flowering rose or lilac bushes that the light can shine up on. These lights not only show the facade of your home to dramatic effect they may also serve as deterrent to burglars or vandals who prefer to avoid targeting well lit homes.

Embedded in Your Patio Floor- Underground LED lighting embedded in your patio floor not only shows off the beauty of your patio, but also provides lighting for entertaining in the evening. Providing for more you to get more use out of your patio.

To Show Off Various Trees in Your Yard

You can use walkover LED lights to up light interesting or beautiful trees in your yard. Depending on what look you want you can use a single underground light or a ring the tree with these lights. To provide 360 degree lighting.

LED Recessed Ground Light Benefits

There are a number of different benefits of LED recessed ground lights. These benefits include:

  • Underground LED lights are durable- Since LED lights can withstand colder temperatures than more traditional lighting options they are better for outdoor uses because they will continue to work during colder weather such as the winter month.
  • LED walkover lights are long lasting- LED walkover lights are long-lasting with many of these lights lasting 20,000 hours or more. When you consider that these lights are recessed into the ground that means that you won’t have to kneel on the cold or wet ground to continually change light bulbs.
  • LED recessed lighting is energy efficient- with LED lighting only using 20% to 50% of energy of more traditional lighting these lights can save you money on your energy bills. In addition, due to these lights using less energy they reduce the demand on local energy facilities.
  • LED lighting is affordable. While these lights initially cost a few dollars more than traditional lighting options, the energy they save and the fact that you don’t have to buy light bulbs to replace those that have burned out these lights actually end up costing less than traditional lighting.

Make sure a professional licensed electrician installs your LED lights.

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