Outdoor Ground Lighting – How To Create Beautifully Sleek Exterior Lighting

Outdoor ground lighting can be a very beneficial form of outdoor lighting. LED ground lights or walkover lights are lights that are embedded into the ground so that the lens of the light is even with the ground, or flooring in which the lights are recessed.

What is Outdoor Ground Lighting

Outdoor ground lighting or walk over lights are specifically designed to walked over without hurting your feet or the light itself. These lights are perfect for lighting up walkways, providing light around the parameters of your home or business, around your pool area, or in designated spots in your garden.

Outdoor ground lighting is used in various ways including:

  • Patio Floor Lighting- Outdoor ground lighting can be placed in your patio floor to provide lighting that allows you to use your patio at night.
  • LED ground lights in your walkway- LED ground lights embedded in your walkway can light up the path to your home or business and provide a margin of safety for those venturing onto your property after the sun sets.
  • Walk over Lights around the Parameters of your home- Walkover lights around the parameters of your home or business can provide lighting to show off your flower beds and provide additional safety for your building since most thieves and vandals tend to avoid buildings that are well light on the outside.
  • Around Your Pool- LED in ground lights placed around your in ground swimming pool can provide lighting for lounging around the pool or even taking a dip in the quiet of the late evening.
  • Led ground lights can also be placed in various spots in your garden to highlight plants and make it possible for you stroll around your garden during the evening hours.

Why LED Ground Lights Are The Right Choice

Most people who use outdoor ground lighting feel that LED ground lights are the right choice for a number of different reasons including:

  • LED ground lights do not produce excess heat so they won’t injury (burn) your feet if you walk over the lights. This is especially important if the lights are placed into the walkway or the floor of the patio.
  • LED Walkover Lights are Energy Efficient- With LED lights only using 20% of the energy that traditional lighting uses, this can result in significant savings on your energy bill if you have enough of these lights on property.
  • LED Ground Lighting is Long-Lasting- with these lights lasting anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours without needing to be changed. When these lights are used for 8 hours or less per night one of these lights can last several years before they need to be changed.
  • LED Lighting Is Environmentally Friendly- LED lights cause less damage to the environment than more traditional lighting options. Because they use less energy LED lights place less demand on local energy facilities. In addition, there are no light bulbs to change that end up in your local landfill and the lights themselves are 100% recyclable.

Keep in mind that your LED lights need to be installed by a licensed electrician.

ODL047A 1 Watt Square Brass Outdoor Ground Lighting

ODL047A 1 watt square brass outdoor ground lighting

ODL028 5 Watt Round LED Outdoor Ground Lighting

ODL028 5 watt stainless steel round outdoor ground lighting

ODL029 9 Watt Stainless Steel LED Outdoor Ground Lighting

ODL029 9 watt stainless steel round LED outdoor ground lighting


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