In Ground Garden Lights – How To Use Them Effectively

In ground garden lights – If you spend a lot of time outside in your outdoor living space, having proper lighting is as important as it is inside the house. Well-lit spaces are more comfortable in general while also adding the benefit of additional safety; if your garden or outdoor living area is too dark, it can be difficult to navigate without tripping over objects. Outdoor ground lighting such as outdoor uplighters can help light up the night outdoors.

What Are the Uses for In ground Garden Lights?

There are many ways you can use outdoor ground lighting to your advantage. Below are a few instances, though the list is not exhaustive: 

  • HIGHLIGHTING OUTDOOR FEATURES. When you spend a lot of time manicuring your bushes and shrubs, you want to show them off for longer than just the daytime. This is also true of any statues, murals or water features you may have in your garden. Using in ground garden lights can help you illuminate these beautiful features in your garden, making them available to enjoy around the clock.
  • PROVIDING SAFER LIGHTING. Without proper illumination, navigating the paths and stepping stones in your garden can be tricky, to say the least. You could end up tripping over stones on your way in or out. Outdoor uplighters make it easier to see where you’re going at night.
  • DRIVEWAYS AND SIDEWALKS. If you or your guests have trouble seeing the location of the driveway or walkway, lights on either side of them can make them easier to see. These kinds of in ground garden lights can easily be installed in gravel or pavement, so you aren’t limited in what you can illuminate or where.
  • IMPROVING THE ATMOSPHERE. In ground garden lights around your seating areas can enhance the mood and atmosphere of the space. Proper lighting can make your guests feel more comfortable as they lounge around with you for drinks at night. It can also make it easier for you to see each other while chatting the night away.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Ground Lighting

  • Much like any other kind of light, outdoor ground lights come in a variety of styles. Commonly, you’ll find circular and square designs. These are an ultra-modern addition to any outdoor space, making it look sleek and clean.
  • Since the lights are outdoors, you should pay special attention to the material from which it’s made. Metal such as aluminium or steel is always a good choice to allow the lights to remain in place for many years.
  • IP RATING. In a similar vein, you’ll want these lights to have some measure of water resistance since they will be exposed to the weather.

Outdoor ground lighting can improve your outdoor space in a variety of ways. Above, we touched upon a few of the options you have when installing your new outdoor lights. We also provided you with a quick buying guide to help you choose the best lights for your space. Browse our expansive collection of in ground garden lights now. While doing so, keep this article nearby as your browse to help you make the best decision for your outdoor living space.

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ODL029 LED ground light

ODL047A 1 Watt Brass In Ground Light

ODL047A-IN220 Square 1 watt brass finish LED ground light


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