Ground Spotlights – Decadent Outdoor Lighting Features

Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of different types including wall lights, bollard lights, spike lights and ground spotlights.

What are LED Ground Spotlights

Ground spotlights also known as in ground lighting are a form of outdoor recessed lighting that is used in pathways, along the parameters of your home or business, and the flooring of patios or decks. Because these lighting are in ground, they can be walked over without causing harm to either the lights or even bare feet.

Ground spotlights have the light fixtures buried into the ground or underneath your patio flooring so that only the light and the protective lens and frame shows above the ground. When placed in pathways, these lights provide lighting for safer traveling along the path during the night time hours so that you can see any obstacles in the way.

They are also used around the parameters of a home or business to light up flower beds or the siding on the building. They also may function to discourage thieves or vandals from targeting your home since criminals prefer to work in the dark.

Ground spotlights can also serve as general lighting when used in the floor of your patio shinning the light upwards when entertaining during evening hours. They are very handy at helping to increase the use of your outdoor living areas.

Ground spotlights may also be used around outside ponds to allow you to view night time wildlife that visits your property at night as well as being place at the base of statuary to light up your outdoor artwork.

LED Ground Spotlights The In Ground Lighting of Choice

Led lighting is becoming a more and more popular in ground lighting choice for a number of very good reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED Ground Light Are Durable- LED lighting is able to withstand much colder temperatures than more traditional lighting options. This means that these lights will still function when the colder weather hits and temperatures drop.
  • LED lighting is safer- Traditional lighting tends to waste energy in the form of heat. This means that should walk over the in-ground lights in bare feet you could get the bottom of your feet burned. Since LED lighting runs cool you can safely walk across these light in bare feet.
  • LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- In ground LED lights use 50% to 80% of less energy than more traditional lighting options which over time can save you money on your electric bill.
  • LED lighting is environmentally Friendly- These lights not only save energy, which is helpful to the environment, they also don’t use light bulbs that need to be disposed of, nor do they contain any toxic elements. Best of all LED lighting is 100% recyclable.
  • LED Ground Spotlights Are Affordable- LED lighting only cost slightly more than traditional lighting options making them an excellent choice for ground spotlights,.

These lights do need to be hard wired into your 110/240 volt electric main and therefore installation of these lights should be done by a licensed electrician.

ODL047 1 Watt Brass Round LED Ground Light

ODL047 brass finish round 1 watt LED ground spotlights

ODL028 5 Watt Stainless Steel LED Underground Light

ODL028 5 watt round stainless steel ground spotlights

ODL030 12 Watt Stainless Steel Recessed Ground Light

ODL030 12 watt stainless steel recessed ground spotlights

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