External Ground Lighting – How To Use Them Effectively

External ground lighting is a quick way to make your outdoor living space more comfortable and habitable. Whether you are looking to light a garden path or illuminate a driveway, these lights are here to help with a variety of shapes and finishes for you to choose from, each with the ultimate benefit of properly lighting up your outdoor space.

How Can You Use External Ground Lighting?

External ground lighting is versatile in the way it can be used to light up your space. One of the most common ways is to use them as recessed driveway lights. Recessed driveway lights make it easier to see the outline of your driveway, something that is especially beneficial for longer driveways. The lighting can also help make it much safer for your guests to park when they come to your home to visit.

In a similar way, these lights can also be used to light up the different walkways in front of your home or business. Beyond that, they can light up the footpath in your garden. Lighting a path leading to your outdoor living space can make it feel more comfortable overall.

How To Choose the Best External Ground Lighting

  • Because they are visible, choosing the style of the light is important. Most of the light fixtures will be hidden beneath the ground, but the part that is visible could be used to enhance the overall look of the entire landscaping design. You can choose between circular or square styles. Both of them serve a purpose and add to the modern appeal of a space.
  • Choosing the style of the light is the first step while choosing the finish should be the second. These lights often come in either silver or gold finishes.
  • Since the lights are outside, ensuring they are made to last is very crucial. Choose lights fabricated out of metal such as aluminium ensures that they can withstand the test of time. This will save you plenty of time and money replacing them down the line.
  • The actual light itself is important as this is the main purpose of the light. Choose an illumination that has enough lumens to properly light the space without being harsh on the eyes in the dark. A common colour temperature to accomplish this is 3000k warm white.
  • IP Rating. Due to the weather exposure outdoors, choosing water-resistant or at least waterproof lights is ideal. Check the IP rating before making your decision.

There are many different ways your outdoor space can benefit from outdoor ground uplighting such as recessed driveway lights. When your outdoor space is properly lit, it becomes a more pleasant and safe place for everyone to enjoy. In this article, we’ve discussed the different ways that these lights can be used. We have also provided you with a quick buying guide on finding the best external ground lighting for you.

Browse our collection of outdoor ground lighting today and keep this article close at hand to help you shop.

ODL028 5 Watt LED External Ground Lighting

ODL028 LED ground light

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ODL047A-IN220 Square 1 watt brass finish LED ground light

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