Exterior Ground Lighting – How To Choose The Best Types

Exterior ground lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up your outside space. Not only do they provide illumination, but they also make for a great decorative touch to your outdoor living space. This type of light is varied and versatile, leaving you with plenty of options to choose from.

What Is Exterior Ground Lighting?


Exterior ground lighting is lighting that sits on or in the ground outdoors. This type of lighting is most commonly recessed into the ground. It is practically invisible and blends right into the mulch or grass during the day. At night, they will light up your garden and create not just illumination by which to see but also a beautiful decorative effect. Ground lighting can be installed anywhere you like, including but not limited to gravel and pavement.

What Is the Purpose of Under Ground Lights?


Under ground lights are a way to make it easier to see at night. When you have a garden or drive that is not properly lit, guests run the risk of injury. By highlighting various footpaths and driveways, you can better navigate the terrain in the dark. This type of light may also be used along the footpaths in the actual garden, so you can take a stroll through it at night without tripping over things.

How To Choose the Best Recessed Outdoor Floor Lighting


There are a number of things to keep in mind when searching for your new recessed outdoor floor lighting. A few of them are as follows.

  • Style mostly includes the shape. There are typically square-shaped and rounded exterior ground lighting as the two main shapes. With these two, you can decide which one better fits the design style of the home. Square lights tend to work better in contemporary settings. On the other hand, circular lights work well both in modern and traditional spaces, all the same, making them a more versatile option.
  • Alongside the shape, the other physical aspect that will stand out is its finish. You can choose between metallic colours that best suit the mood of your space. You can also choose a finish that contrasts with the existing colour scheme to give it a more modern and artistic appearance.
  • Because these lights will be outside and exposed to the elements, you’ll need to use lights that are up to the job. Choosing outdoor lights fabricated out of premium metals such as aluminum is your best bet. You should also consider lights with a good IP rating. This way, if it rains or snows, the moisture won’t damage the light and cause you to have to replace it right off.

Regardless of the type of light, you hope to purchase, you’ll find all of the most stylish exterior ground lighting here on our site. We offer a huge variety of options including various styles, shapes and finishes. Because of the sheer variety, you are sure to find the light that you’re after. Browse our collection today.

OSL047A 1 Watt Square Brass Outdoor Ground Light

ODL047A-IN220 Square 1 watt brass finish LED ground light

ODL029 9 Watt 316 Stainless Exterior Ground Lighting

ODL029 LED ground light



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