Spike Light Fixture – How To Use These Garden Lights

Spike light fixture – Your outdoor space is yours to turn into anything you’d like. Whether you want it to be a simple area for you and your guests to relax; a beautiful display of hard work showcasing your shrubs and floral gardens; or a simple area that bridges the space from the driveway to the home, outdoor lighting is important. Lighting can not only make the area safer to navigate, lights such as outdoor spotlights can also beautify the area.

There are a number of uses for outdoor lights such as a spike light fixture. With garden spike lighting, you can turn your outdoor space into one you are proud of. The area can easily be transformed into one that is simple for your guests to navigate and for you to enjoy during your quiet hours.

Each spike light fixture can be used to bring illumination to even the darkest of corners. Not only this, but they also bring their own measure of style just by existing. Garden spike lighting can add a modern finishing touch to the overall appearance of your home, bringing your sense of style from the inside out. Beyond that, they tend to be remarkably energy efficient.

Where Can You Use Garden Spike Lighting?

– PATHWAYS. If you have stepping stones or a paved path winding through the garden, these lights can make them safer to navigate. You can place them on either side of the path in order to help you and your guests wander safely.

– WATER FEATURES. Make your fountain and other water features come to life with the installation of outdoor spotlights or spike light fixtures. You can draw attention to the various features during the night instead of their majesty going to waste under the cover of darkness.

– SITTING AREAS. With garden spike light fixtures, you could outline the perimeter of your entertainment area. This can not only help your guests know where to go, but it can provide supplementary lighting with whatever you have directly in the seating area.

– WALLS. If you want to shine enough illumination to easily see by, you could point outdoor spotlights toward a wall. This will cause a washing effect that will in turn provide a more well-lit area. This also has the potential to bring some decorative effects to it.

How To Choose the Best Spike Light Fixture

  • Ultimately, you have to decide between either a garden spike light fixture or a spotlight depending on your preferences. If you intend to simply line a path, spike lights might be best. If you want to draw attention to a garden feature, you might opt for spotlights.
  • Second only to style is the durability. Since the lights will be exposed to the weather, a durable material like aluminium is crucial.
  • IP RATING. In a similar vein, you’ll want to make sure the lights are IP rated to withstand exposure to moisture.

Outdoor lighting can quickly transform the area into a place you and your guests will love to visit and spend time. Browse our collection of lights today.

LFL018 1 Watt Black Spike Light Fixture

LFL016-017-018 garden spike light


LSP157 12 Watt Black Spike Light Fixture

LSP157 garden spotlights

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