How To Create Lighting Effects With Outside Spike Lights

Outside spike lights – When it comes to your outdoor space, the lighting is just as important as the lights indoors. It could be argued that outdoor lights serve even more of a purpose; when you are entertaining guests outdoors, having proper illumination can keep them safer. It can also help show off the different features of your garden that you are most proud of.

What Can You Use Garden Spot Lighting For?

Outdoor lighting, such as outside spike lights, has many different uses. Of course, the main use is to illuminate the space. Providing light outdoors could make navigating the space a more comfortable and safer experience. You can use the LED spike lights to line the different paths through the garden. You can also use them to outline the driveway and parking area for your guests.

Beyond that, they can be used to highlight certain features in the garden, whether that is a statue or a trimmed bush. Overall, they provide a much more relaxing and comfortable experience for all of those who enjoy your outdoor space.

Types of Outdoor Lights for the Garden

There are two main types of garden lights to consider:

  • GARDEN SPOTLIGHTS. This type of light tends to sit lower to the ground. Spotlights are designed to shine a dedicated beam of light up onto things such as statues and garden features. They can also provide illumination across a path by shining light directly down onto the path.
  • GARDEN SPIKE LIGHTS. Garden spike lights tend to show off a sharper appearance. They stand up taller than outside spike lights that tend to sit low to the ground. Their height is where they get the name “spike lights” to start with. LED spike lights also tend to be as thin as they are tall, offering a unique silhouette. This will decorate your space as much as it illuminates it.

How to Choose Garden Spot Lighting

  • You can decide whether you want outside spike lights or garden spotlights. This could depend on whether you want to simply illuminate the space or are interested in decorating it as well.
  • Since the light is outside and exposed to the elements, it needs to be durable. One of the most durable types of materials you can choose is aluminium. Aluminium is a common choice for outdoor lights due to its resiliency. It doesn’t easily show signs of wear and tear, and it won’t corrode.
  • IP RATING. In the same vein, having lights with a good IP rating will prevent damage from water and other precipitation. Lights with a waterproof rating are especially beneficial; unlike some wall lights, these lights are not likely to be under any cover, leaving them more exposed to moisture.

Outdoor garden lighting is important to think about when designing your space. In this article, we’ve looked at different types of garden lights as well as given you a quick buying guide. Keep these points in mind when browsing our garden spike light collection.

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