Outdoor Spike Lights – Lighting The Path To Your Home

With the holidays fast approaching many homes across the UK will be going all out to decorate their homes and yards with the signs of the season. Using outdoor spike lights to highlight those outdoor nativities, Santa and elf scenes, and other yard ornaments can give your outdoor display with the wow factor you are looking to set your outdoor holiday displays apart from your neighbours.garden spike light

Garden Spike Lights Are Not Just for the Holidays

Outdoor spike lights are not just used to light up those holiday displays, in fact, LED outdoor spike lights can have a number of different uses for the exterior of your home. Here are just of some of the uses of these types of lights.

Lighting the Path for Your Home

Garden spike lights lining the path from the street to your home, makes a safe passage for family members or guests coming to your home after dark. These lights are also a great way to show off the flowers or small shrubs you have lining your path way while adding a bit of warm and charm to the outside of your home.

Increasing the Enjoyment of Your Garden

Outdoor spike light can increase your enjoyment of your garden by lighting up those blooms so that you can enjoy strolling in your garden at night or seeing it’s beauty from the comfort of your kitchen or sitting room. With a little imagination you can arrange your LED spike lights so that you can actually create a night time fairy land effect in your garden.

Basking Your Home in a Warm Glow

Using LED spike lights along the front of your home so that they cast light on the house itself, will bask your home in a warm welcoming glow while providing a touch of security from thieves and vandals since these types of criminals tend to avoid homes with well lit exteriors.

Highlighting Statuary

If you have interesting statuary in your yard or garden that you are proud of, then why not show it off at night as well as in the day light. Outdoor spike lights can be set an angle to highlight your statuary showing it off to its best effect.

Best of all LED spike lights are specifically designed to withstand colder temperatures and rain and snow. You install them by simply sticking them into the ground where you would like them to go and then wiring them into your electric’s main. Of course it is important that you have your outdoor spike light installed by a qualified electrician.

Outdoor Spike Lighting by Ultra Beam

Here at Ultra Beam lighting we design our own garden spike lights. Our lighting is of high quality and we use the latest LED technology to provide you the best quality LED garden spike lights that can be found anywhere. All of our lights come with a 3 year guarantee and perfect for both home and commercial use.

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor spike lights to highlight some of your outdoor areas then why not browse through our website or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

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