Outdoor Garden Spike Lights How They Can Make Your Garden Sparkle

Outdoor garden spike lights – Whether you have an outdoor living space or patio where you enjoy spending a lot of time or find yourself inside more often than not, exterior lighting is something that should be considered with as much care as your interior lighting. Outdoor lighting not only makes your garden more visible in the dark but also adds a certain mood to your home that makes it cosier and more appealing. There are different types of garden lights with garden spotlights and spike lights being the two most prominent and commonly used among them.

Types of Exterior Lighting

There are two main types of exterior lighting intended for use in the ground: garden spotlights and outdoor garden spike lights. While there are benefits to each, both of them have their own uses that make them better suited than the other for certain tasks.

Outdoor Garden Spike Lights Benefits

  • Provide a decorative look to your garden either by illuminating a path or providing an overall mood and ambiance to your outdoor living space
  • Serve better as a decorative light than it does a practical light
  • Provide a brighter light that covers more area than a garden spike light, perfect for lining pathways up to the house or through the garden for easy visibility
  • Because they have a brighter light, they make a nice choice when you want to highlight a certain bush, tree or floral area in the garden and draw attention to it

Where Can You Use Garden Spike Lights?

Garden spike lights are versatile in the many areas they can be placed outside of your home. You can use them to light up your garden at night in a general sense or even used to highlight certain plants and florals that you love the most. Placing them around the garden near your outdoor living space can provide a nice ambiance to your outdoor area, making it a comfortable and relaxing area to enjoy at night. In a more practical but still decorative sense, you can also use them to line the pathway leading up to your house, making it easier to see as you come home at night.

How to Choose Exterior Lighting?

Just like interior lighting, there are various styles to choose from when it comes to illuminating your outdoor space. For this reason, you’ll need to consider what sort of atmosphere you’re hoping to create outdoors, and whether or not you want to focus on practicality to illuminate the garden or are more interested in decoration alone. Keep in mind that these types of lights connect to a 240 volt mains supply, and for that reason, it is recommended that you use an armoured cable in order to ensure it does not get damaged when digging around or gardening.

The simple addition of exterior lighting can really bring your home to life from the outside, and after installing some illumination, the next time that night descends on your property, you’ll be so glad you did.


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