Awesome Ideas For LED Spike Garden Lighting

LED spike garden lighting is a popular type of outdoor lighting. Also known as garden spotlights LED spike lights can be practically anywhere in your yard or garden where you want some light during the darker hours of the night. What makes these lights particularly useful is the fact that they are easy to install and move, have adjustable heads, and be used to highlight practically anything in yard or garden.

What Is LED Spike Garden Lighting

LED spike lights are basically miniature spotlights or flood lights that are connected to spikes that make them easy to push into the push into the ground. These lights have adjustable heads so you can shine the beam of light upwards or downwards in vary degrees or focus the beam of light straight ahead. LED spike lights do need to be wired directly into your 240 volt electrical main so wiring of these lights needs to be done by a licensed electrician.

What is LED Spike Garden Lighting Used For

LED garden spotlights or spike lights can be used near a building to show off any flowerbeds or hedges around the parameter of your home or business. They can also be used to light statuary, or walkways or be used as lighting around your pool or pond. LED spike lights can be set and in the ground and directed at an angle to provide lighting around a bench or a picnic table as well.

LED Spike Lighting is Easy to Move

Unlike wall lights or other types of lighting that are designed to stay in one place, garden spotlights are easy to move. Just pull up the stake and move it closer or further from the object you wish to highlight and then push the stake back into the ground at the new location.

Why Install LED Garden Lights?

LED spike garden lighting is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED Lights Durability- LED spike garden lighting is able to withstand colder temperatures than more traditional types of lighting. The durability of these lights means that when temperatures drop during the winter months these lights will continue work long after the cold prevents other lights from functioning.
  • LED Garden Lights are Long-lasting- LED lights are extremely long lasting with some of these lights lasting 20,000, 50,000 or 70,000 hours or more. This means that you won’t be constantly checking your outdoor garden lights to ensure that the lights have not burned out or waste valuable time changing light bulbs.
  • LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- LED spike garden lighting is highly energy efficient using only somewhere between 20 and 58% of the energy needed to run more traditional types of lighting. While this may not mean much if you only have one or two lights, if you have a large property and need a lot of LED lighting then you can save money on your energy bill.
  • LED Lighting is Better For The Environment- LED lights are 100% recyclable making these lights healthier for the environment, which is something everyone can feel good about.

ODL035 6 Watt Black LED Spike Light

ODL035 6 watt black LED spike garden lighting

LSP157 12 Watt Black Modern LED Spike Light

LSP157 12 watt black LED spike garden lighting

ODL036 9 Watt Black LED Garden Spike Light

ODL036 9 watt black LED spike garden lighting

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