How To Show Off Your Plants With LED Garden Spike Lights

LED Garden Spike Lights – Whether you live in a small flat, a charming country cottage or a large Manor house chances are you are extremely proud of your home and want to show it off at its very best. LED garden spike lights are the perfect way to show off you home, yard, and garden once darkness falls.

How to Use LED Garden Spike Lights

LED garden spike lights are a form of outdoor lighting that has spikes so you can easily drive the lights into the ground and then wire the into the mains voltage. There are a variety of different ways you can use an LED spike light or several spike lights. Here are a few examples.

Lighting the Way

One of the most common uses of LED spike lights to line a walk or path with these lights to create a warm welcome to anyone visiting your home while providing them with the safety of being able to see where they walking. If you walkway or path is lined with shrubbery or flowers, then LED garden spike lights can allow for even more walk for both you and your guests.

Highlighting Water Features

Having a water feature in your yard or garden is something that most people love and take great pride in. Whether that water feature is pond surrounded by plant life, a fountain or simply a great looking bird bath then LED garden spike lights can show off that water feature to it’s best advantage and even allow you glimpses of local wild life. You can even create a miniature wonderland around you water feature by using colored LED spike lights.

Showing Off Your Statuary

Many people love having statues in their yard or garden, and what better way to show off that statuary 24 hours a day then by using LED garden spike lights to show off your statuary during the night time hours. You can use several types of outdoor lighting to light other areas of the garden as well to create a pretty scene you can enjoy during the evening hours.

How To Use Spike Lights to Light up Trees

If you have interesting shaped trees in your yard or garden LED spike lights are the perfect outdoor lighting to show off those trees and give your yard an interesting look after dark. If the trees you are looking to highlight are some distance apart garden spike lights will make little islands of interest in your yard or garden.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a number of different styles of LED garden lights that are suitable to meet your different needs. All of our garden lights are made using the latest LED technology. Our spike lights are well made and are a great way to highlight places of interest in the exterior of your home while being energy efficient. Our lights are designed to handle any outdoor weather conditions and should be installed by a qualified professional electrician.

Why not take a few minutes to browse our website and check out the various styles of LED garden spike lights we have to offer?

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