Why Ground Spike Lights Are a Great Addition To The Garden

Ground spike lights are a great addition to your garden lighting. These lights are easy to set and can easily be moved from one location to another. In addition, most garden spike lighting has an adjustable head so that you can vary the light beam so that the beam falls exactly where you want it to shine.

Ground spike lights can be used in a number of different ways including:

Flower Bed Lighting

If you have worked long and hard on your flowers bed and want to show them off at their best, then ground spike lights can placed in your flower beds to light up those beautiful flowers at night. They can work in flowerbeds that are planted near your home or business, along walkways or even in a proper flower garden.

Safety Lighting for Sidewalks

Ground spike lights can also be placed along your path or walkway to provide lighting so that people walking on the sidewalk or path after dark can see any obstacles that may be left in the path, helping to prevent stumble and falls.

To Highlight Statuary

Spike lights are also often situated at the foot of statues in front of community buildings or businesses and even the occasional home where the light can be directed upward lighting the statue and showering it in a warm glow as darkness falls.

Ground spike lights can also be used to shine up through the leaves of trees or bushes giving them almost magical look.

Great for Lighting Up Ponds and Other Water Features

Spike lights can also be placed near ponds and other water features to give them a nice glow after dark. Best of all they can also show off those nocturnal visitors to those areas where is water making for an incredible viewing experience for people who live outside of the city limits.

What is really great about spike lights is that if you decide to move them to highlight some other area of your yard or garden you simply pull up the light and move it your new location. You do need to keep in mind that spike lights are wired into your 110/240 electric main so that you can only move the spike light as far as the wire allows.

Choosing LED Spike Lights

More and more people are using LED spike lights for their ground lighting needs for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED lights are capable of withstanding cooler temperatures than more traditional lighting options, making them more dependable in colder temperatures.
  • LED lights are low maintenance- These lights do not use light bulbs so that you won’t have to worry about changing every few weeks or months. In fact these lights are so long lasting that they are likely to last your three years or more before they need to be changed.
  • LED lights are energy efficient using only a small fraction of the energy more traditional lighting may use. This means that you save money on your energy bill.

ODL035 6 Watt Black Ground Spike Lights

ODL035 6 watt black finish ground spike lights

LFL016 1 Watt Black Ground Spike Lights

LFL016 1 watt black 1000mm ground spike lights

ODL036 9 Watt Black Ground Spike Lights

ODL036 9 watt black LED ground spike lights

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