Garden Spike Lights – Add Some Stylish Feature Light To The Garden

Garden spike lights are a great way to add lighting features to the outside of your home, hotel or other business. Garden spike lights also known as garden spotlights can simply be pushed into the ground and then wires to you electric main.

How To Use Garden Spike Lights For Best Effect

An LED spike light can be used to light up walkways, statuary, garden ornaments, garden boards or various walls. These lights can light up and highlight any feature of your home that you want to show off. Best of all these lights can be moved from one location to another easily. Garden spike lights can add curb appeal to your home or business.

Most spike lights are adjustable both in their position and angle and you can arrange them in various configurations to light up the exact area you want.

Garden Spotlights for Walkways

Walking up a pathway or walkway after dark can be somewhat dangerous since you can’t see uneven patches in the ground or the walkway, nor can see any obstacles that may be blocking your path. Having an LED spike light place at intervals along the path or walkway can increase safety for those using the walkway after dark. In addition, your spike lights can highlight small bushes or flowers along the pathway adding to the beauty of your home.

Garden Spike Lights for Lighting Up Special Features

LED spike lights can be used for lighting up special features in your yards, drawing attention to yard ornaments, trees, and even flowers bordering your home. They also work great for highlighting those holiday yard decorations you have set up in your yard. Do you have special brickwork in a wall you are proud of? Why not show it off with one or more LED spike lights?

Garden Spotlights Can Increase Your Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of a home or business simply means the appeal that your home or business has to potential buyers when seen from the outside. Many buyers decide whether or not they like your home or not before they ever view the inside. Using Garden spike highlights to show off great features of your home or yard after dark can actually increase the curb appeal of your home or business for those viewing the outside of your home at night.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a small, but nice collection of LED garden spike lighting for you to choose from. All of our lighting is unique designed by our company and uses the very latest in LED technology. Our LED lighting is energy efficient with our LED bulbs lasting 20,000 hours, which is 20 times longer than most standard bulbs.

Our garden spike lights are also designed to withstand various weather conditions working just as well in cold and rain as they do on those clear warm nights. Our garden spotlights are also perfect for both home and commercial use, and in fact, many chain hotels here in the UK use our LED lighting.

Do keep in mind when having any garden spike lights connected to your mains you should hire a qualified electrician to install your lights.

LSP155 5 Watt Black Garden Spike Lights

LSP155 garden spike light

ODL036 9 Watt Black Garden Spike Lights

ODL036 outdoor LED spike lights

LSP157 12 Watt Black LED Garden Spike Light

LSP157 12 watt black LED garden spike lights

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