Exterior Spike Lights – Highlight Your Brilliant Garden

Exterior spike lights – Lighting up various areas of your outdoors have become popular with both home and business owners. Lighting up your outdoor space at various levels can add curb appeal and interest to your overall home or business décor. One type of outdoor lighting that is becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners alike are exterior spike lights.

What are Exterior Spike Lights Used For?

Exterior spike lights are actually used for a number of outdoor uses. Here is a look at some of the uses that spike lighting.

  • Outdoor Stair Step Lighting- Exterior spike lights are a great way to light up those outdoor stairs and steps and make them safer to navigate during those night time hours for people who want to enjoy their yard, or who are return home late at night. Using exterior spike lights for your outdoor steps also creates a safe welcome for guests visiting your home.
  • Pathway Lighting- Installing spike lighting along the path leading up to your home or business will also aid safe travel during the night as well as give a bit ambient lighting to your overall outdoor décor.
  • Garden Spike Spotlights- Exterior spike lights are perfect for highlighting plants, statuary and water features in your garden. Many garden spike lights have adjustable light heads so that you can concentrate the light where it want it to be. It is a great way to a highlight a lovely shaped tree from below as well lighting up plants and flowers of varying heights.
  • Pool Lighting- Exterior spike lights also make excellent ground level pool lighting for those people who enjoy swimming at night. Surrounding the area around your in ground pool with garden spike lights can provide nice comfortable lighting for using after your pool after night.

Are LED Spike Lights East To Install

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we offer a number of high quality LED Exterior spike lights. Our spike lighting comes in various sizes, shapes and can be used for both commercial and home use. Our Garden spike spotlights and other spike light options are all made using the latest LED technology to bring you long lasting and warm lighting to create just the right effect for your outdoor décor. Our ultra modern designs are both attractive and highly functional as you get 20,000 hours of light with our spike lights.

Our spike lights are easy to install, you simply push each light into the ground and then have a qualified professional electrician connect the lights to your electric main. Our exterior spike lights are designed to withstand changes in climate and weather conditions and are quite simple to move from location to another. You can have your choice (depending on the light you choose) of 3, 5, 6, 9 and 12 watt spike lights.

If you are looking for a great way to get effect lighting for your home or business exterior why not take a few minutes and browse our spike lighting options. If you have any questions or wish to place an order you can contact us through our online representative or by calling 0800-678-5156.

ODL035 6 Watt Black LED Spike Lights

ODL035 6 watt black finish exterior spike lights

LSP157 12 Watt Black Outdoor LED Spike Light

LSP157 12 watt high power black exterior spike lights

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