Outside Lights – Give Your Home a Memorable Welcome For Visitors

Having outside lights in your home and business serve a variety of different purposes. Outside lighting also called garden lighting can enhance the exterior of your building, help visitors or customers find their way to your door and provide a margin of safety for you, your building, or anyone visiting your home.

There are several different types of garden lighting that you may want to consider depending on your individual wants and needs.

What are the Different Types of Outside Lights

Outside Wall Lights- Outside wall lights are often placed near your home or business’s front or back door. These types of lights serve both as a warm welcome to anyone legitimately coming to your door, and helping to keep vandals or thieves at bay.

Garden Spike Lights- Garden spike lights can be used in various places around your buildings and in your yard and garden. These lights also sometimes referred to as garden spotlights normally have adjustable heads so that the light can be directed straight ahead or upwards. These lights can be used around the parameter of your building to show off flower beds, along a path or walkway, or around various places in your garden to show off plants, flowers, and garden statuary.

Outside Soffit Lighting- Outside soffit lighting are lights that are placed in the soffit or the roof of your building, sheltered patio, or pergola to provide a type of outdoor ceiling light for accent purposes or provide lighting for entertaining outside after nightfall.

Outdoor Bollard Lights- Outside bollard lights are lights that sit on top of a post (either round or square). These outside lights can also be installed on an additional post to raise the height of the light even more. These lights can be used around a parking lot or along fence a pathway.

How to Choose The Correct LED Outside Lights For You

More and more people are choosing LED outdoor lighting to meet their outside lights needs for a variety of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED lighting is cost efficient- Many LED outside lights cost about 50% of more traditional lighting options, making LED lights much more energy and cost efficient to use.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting- LED lighting can last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours making these lights very convenient to use since you are not constantly changes light bulbs every few weeks or every month or so.
  • LED lighting is better for the environment- LED lighting is environmentally friendly. Not only do these lights use less energy, these lights also contain no toxic substances, have no light bulbs to change and are 100% recyclable.
  • LED lights are affordable- LED lights are quite affordable. These lights do initially cost a little more than traditional lighting, but that initial cost is more than made up for in energy savings, and not having to buy light bulbs.
  • Do keep in mind that LED lighting should be installed by licensed electrician.

While outdoor lighting can enhance the look, safety and curb appeal of your home LED lighting can also save you money.

LWA409 6 Watt Black Decorative Outside Wall Light

LWA409 6 watt black decorative outside lights

LFL026 10 Watt Black LED Bollard Light

LFL026 10 watt 700mm black bollard outside lights

LDC335 6 Watt Recessed LED Soffit Light

LDC335 6 watt black recessed downlight outside lights

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