What Different Types of Outdoor Garden Lights Can You Buy

Outdoor garden lights – Creating a beautiful garden area begins with the lighting that you choose to illuminate it with. You can have gorgeous lawn art, beautiful blooming flowers and pretty garden furniture, but without proper light at night, you can’t see or enjoy any of it. Outside garden lighting is a crucial step in the design of your outdoor living or garden area, and it can even be used as a decorative addition to the garden itself if you chose exterior lighting that is ornate.

There are many different types of outside garden lights to consider when thinking about illuminating your exterior space. It all comes down to what sort of look you’re hoping to achieve and what sort of illumination you’ll need for any given space. Four of the most common types of lighting that are incorporated into an outdoor living space include outdoor wall lights, garden bollard lights, garden spike lights and soffit lighting.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Perfect when putting together a plan for outdoor porch lighting, wall lights can bring the illumination from the inside out seamlessly. As expected, wall lights attach to the walls of your home or other structure to shine their light in an ornate and efficient way. Wall lights come in a number of different styles including round, square or long and are available in black or white finishes that give them a sleek modern look. Some wall lights even provide a back splash style that will shine a light above and below the fixture on the wall behind it. These are great choices when considering what to use for your outdoor porch lighting.

Garden Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are the perfect replacement for tall lamp posts that some people consider to be outdated. They serve a similar purpose in providing little guide points in the garden, though their size lets allows them to be well hidden and tucked away while still shining the necessary illumination. This type of outdoor garden lights has a column shape that offers a classic silhouette.

Garden Spike Lights

Garden spike lights are one of the best ways to light up various pathways in the garden as well as lighting shrubs and other features at the same time. They come in long poles that literally look like spikes though they are also available in the form of little spotlights that shine up from the ground. The latter allows you to easily position them into the orientation that you prefer to shine a beam of light on a certain area of the garden.

Soffit Lighting

Soffit lighting allows you to enjoy all of the modern charm and beauty of recessed lighting in your outdoor space. They not only shine the right amount of light you need but also enhance their aesthetic as well. In this way, you can elevate not just the mood but also the look of your outdoor space.

There are a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to outdoor garden lights and just as many possibilities when it comes to incorporating them into your space. Check out our selection of exterior lights today.


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