Why LED Outside Lights Are a Head Turner

LED outside lights can improve the curb appeal of your home by showing off your home (or business) in it’s best light, enhancing beautiful gardens or lawns, and providing additional safety for your home. LED lights come in various shapes, sizes and styles.

What Types Of LED Outside Lights Can You Buy

Some examples of LED outdoor lighting includes bollard lights, which are lights that are attached to a post, Soffit lights, which are downlights that are installed into the soffits on the outside of your home, Underground walkover lights, which are lights that are recessed into the ground and the light beams shine upward.

There are also garden wall lights, which are lights that are mounted on the wall of the exterior of your home and garden spike lights, which are lights attached to spikes that can be pushed into the ground and the beam of the light can be adjusted. Garden wall lights and garden spike lights are two of the most popular types of outdoor lighting.

Garden Wall Lights

Garden wall lights are lights that are normally mounted on the wall of your building by the front and back door of your home or business, on the exterior of your garage, carriage house, on the wall of your deck or patio.

LED garden wall lights are used to provide a warm welcome for guests, lighting to fit the keys in the lock, lighting for entertainment and additional safety for your home or business.

Although LED garden wall lights are ultra modern some of these lights have an old fashion flavor making these lights ideal for various styles of buildings from those quaint and homey country homes to those ultra modern buildings.

LED Garden Spike Lights

LED garden spike lights serve a variety of uses. These LED outside lights can be used to light up the walkway of your home or business to provide safety for those people visiting your home or business during the night time hours.

These lights can also be used to highlight trees, shrubs, various plants and statuary in your home or garden as well as can providing lighting around the exterior of your home.

Spike lights are very versatile and can be moved from one spot to another simply by pulling up the light and pushing it into the ground in the new location.

LED outside lights need to be hard wired into your electric main so wiring needs to be done by a qualified electrician.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting has many benefits these benefits include:

  • LED lighting is long-lasting with these light providing anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours of light before these lights needs to be changed.
  • LED lights are energy efficient. These lights use only a portion of the energy that more traditional lighting options require. In most cases LED lights use only about 20% to 50% of the energy that traditional lighting options require.
  • LED lighting requires very little maintenance. Because there are no light bulbs in LED lights so you never have to change any light bulb.

If you are looking for outdoor lighting then LED lights may be worth considering.

LWA453 10 Watt Up and Down Outdoor Wall Light

LWA453 10 watt outdoor wall light LED outside lights

LWA213 9 Watt Black Garden Wall Light

LWA213 9 watt black wall light LED outside lights

ODL035 6 Watt Black LED Spike Lights

ODL035 6 watt black spike light LED outside lights

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