How to Make Your Space Inviting With Garden Lighting

Your outdoor living space and entryway deserve to be every bit as well-lit, decorated and inviting as the space within your walls. One of the best ways to take care of all three of those points is to choose outdoor lighting. Garden lighting especially can make or break the overall mood and atmosphere of your outdoor space. No matter what sort of style you prefer when decorating in and around your home, there are plenty of garden light styles to choose from to suit your taste.

Types of Garden Lighting

  • WALL MOUNTED. With wall mounted modern exterior lighting, you can easily light the path along the side of your home or entryway. This type of lighting is also well-suited for any stone or brick features you may have in the garden and can be easily added to the space to decorate and illuminate further into the garden. This type of light comes in various shapes such as cylinder, square, circular and more. In this way, you can choose between traditional and modern exterior lighting based on shape. You can also choose whether or not you want lights with a wall washing feature that will shine light not only in front of the fixture but also up and down the wall.
  • BOLLARD LIGHTS. Bollard lights are particularly well-suited for lighting driveways and pathways leading up to the home. Because of their tall, often stocky nature, they are quite robust. In this way, they look best in larger areas that need more lighting. This includes not just driveways but edges of patios, docks and beyond.
  • SPIKE LIGHTS. Garden spike lights serve a similar purpose but are easier for you to place around wherever you see fit. They tend to be smaller, which makes them simpler to use and install wherever you see fit. Most commonly, they are used along narrow footpaths or as a way to illuminate certain plants or structures in the garden.

How to Choose the Best Garden Lighting

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your new garden lighting:

  • First and foremost, consider the type of light you need based on what you want to light up, choosing either wall mounted lights, bollard or spike lights.
  • Since the lighting is going to be outdoors, you should look for lights built out of premium materials such as aluminium. It is also wise to check the IP rating and ensure that they can withstand at least basic moisture and wetness.
  • COLOUR FINISH. The finish of the light fixture plays a huge role in its appearance. You can choose a white, black or chrome-finished outdoor fixture to either fit in with the existing style or to contrast nicely against it.

Regardless of your garden’s style or your own reason for wanting to light it up, incorporating garden lighting is a simple process. We offer a large variety of light fixtures to choose from in a number of styles, shapes and finishes. Browse our selection today and shop for your own.


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LFL010 LED bollard light



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LWA288-BK outdoor wall light

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