Black Outdoor Lights – Why They Are The Modern Choice

Black outdoor lights – At night, your outdoor living space may become a particularly dangerous area to try and traverse. If you do not have proper garden lighting, finding your way down the garden paths and around bushes can be difficult. Modern exterior lighting not only helps you to see better in the dark, but it can also add a decorative touch to your exterior.

Different Types of Black Outdoor Lights


  • BOLLARD LIGHTS. Bollard lights are particularly effective when it comes to lighting up pathways, including everything from stepping paths to the driveway. This type of light casts a soft glow in the general vicinity of where it is placed, and when there is more than one present, it creates a nice effect. Not only are bollard lights illuminative, but they are also quite stylish. Black outdoor lights can add character to your driveway and walkways, and they are available in tall, short and medium heights.
  • GARDEN SPIKE LIGHTS. Garden spike lights function similarly to bollard lights but tend to have a more dramatic appearance. This type of light comes either with a tall post and a light at the end or as short spotlight-style lights. Regardless of the style, each one is designed to shine light on a path, light up shrubs and more to make it easier to see. They also add some personality as bollard lights do.
  • WALL LIGHTS. Wall lights are perfect for dressing up the exterior of a home. This type of light is versatile both in appearance and placement. Wall lighting comes in a variety of forms, including recessed or wall mounted, round or square and wall-washing or non-wall washing. Black outdoor lights such as wall lights can play a massive role in making navigating the exterior of your home a simpler and safer thing to do.

How To Choose the Best Modern Exterior Lighting


  • Ask yourself a few questions about the kinds of lights you want. Do you want to light up driveways and stepping paths? Are you instead looking to decorate the side of your home? Do you want to accentuate shrubs and other specific parts of your garden? Depending on the usage you hope to get out of it, there are different lights available to you.
  • Though garden lighting comes in a variety of colours, one of the most common choices is black outdoor lights. This is due to the neutrality of the colour; with the black hue also comes its ability to work well with any existing exterior design space instead of clashing with it.
  • Because these lights will be going outdoors, having lights built from premium materials will ensure they outlast years of use. Choosing a light that is not only fabricated out of durable metal but also has a waterproof IP rating will help maintain its long life.

No matter what sort of outdoor garden lights you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them here. Browse our large selection of exterior lighting today to find your new favorite fixture.


LFL010 9 Watt 450mm Tall Black Garden Bollard Light

LFL010 LED bollard light


LSP157 12 Watt Black Garden Spike light

LSP157 garden spotlights

LWA288 6 Watt Black Garden Wall Light

LWA288-BK outdoor wall light

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